Nasi Kucing Sambal Teri

Berliana Rizka Ramadhanti/180410150071

With only IDR 2,000,- you can have one portion of Nasi Kucing Sambal Teri. The sambal teri is mouthwatering and fiery. Even though the chili in the Sambal Teri taste so fiery but I guarantee it will make you don’t want to stop eating. Complete the Nasi Kucing Teri with tasty Sate Usus for IDR 1,000,-. I suggest the Sate Usus to be grilled so you can taste smoky flavor that you’d get from charcoal.

Have no worries about the access of the location. Take a public transportation (angkot)—the brown one—from Gerbang Lama UNPAD to Caringin then take a walk about 10 minutes. The Angkringan Budaya’s cart should be visible on your left, right in front of Puri Callysta. The Angkringan Budaya opens from 5 pm to 2 am.

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