Nasi Goreng Ijo

Yasmin Nabilah/180410135002

Nasi Goreng Ijo, is a menu on Dapur Ma’Ute. It is a fried rice with green chili peppers as its main seasoning. The food presented along with kerupuk udang and fried egg to complement the overall flavour. The rice still has its original colour concealed with a bit shade of green from the green chili peppers.Green chili peppers delivered spicy flavour to the food. The prominent taste of the fried rice is its heat from the hot chili peppers added. To balance the heat, it comes with slight salty and savory taste.

You can enjoy Nasi Goreng Ijo for IDR 12,000 at Dapur Ma’Ute on Monday until Friday from 9 AM to 7 PM. The cafetaria is located in Pedca Unpad, reachable by 5 minutes walk from Gerlam.

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