Nasi Gila Kornet

Rani Tia Fitri Anggraeni/180410140024
Nasi Gila Kornet consists of rice and other ingredients such as meatballs, sausages, shred chicken, egg and corned beef are rich in savory and spicy flavor. The texture rice that not mushy fit combined with hot sauce. In addition, the texture of sauce Nasi Gila Kornet is thick with a strong spices aroma. Additional kerupuk as a supplement while enjoying Nasi Gila Kornet. Heroy provide the ful portion of Nasi Gila and affordable prices to the student pocket. The price is Nasi Gila Kornet only IDR 12,000. Heroy opens at 07.00 AM until 09.00 PM, located in Ciseke Kecil, 10 minutes walk from Gerlam.

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