Nasi, Ayam Goreng + Kol Goreng

Saffira Marwah Desinta/180410150036

Nasi, Ayam Goreng and Kol Goreng would be a perfect combination when you are hungry. The chicken which smells rich of spices is tender on the inside and has a crispy skin. You can choose to have the chicken part based on your preference, such as tight or breast. The fried cabbage tend to be a bit oily. The food usually comes with fresh cabbage, basil and cucumber plus sambal that taste balance between sweet, spicy and salty but has a dominance smells of terasi. You can have Nasi, Ayam Goreng and Kol Gorengfor 18,000 IDR.

Warung Suroboyo is located in Jalan Raya Jatinangor 166 c, across Verina Kue & Snack. This place has green bright color that would make you spot this place easily. From Gerlam it takes around 15 minutes by foot. Warung Suroboyo isopen every day except long weekend from 1 PM to 11 PM.

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