Mie Goreng Singapore

Nadya Khusnul/180410150010

“Mie Goreng Singapore” in Gusto Cafe has a strong soy sauce flavor that will bring sweetness to your entire mouth. If you don’t like the sweetness, I suggest you to add some chili sauce to add more spiciness. The noodles is cooked to perfection. Not too soggy, not overcooked. On “Mie Goreng Singapore” you will find a lot of fish meatballs, slice of chicken and meat, and also a lot of vegetables such as carrot, chilies, beansprout and mustard green. One plate of “Mie Goreng Singapore” cost IDR 18.000. If you want to taste “Mie Goreng Singapore” you can come to Gusto Cafe. The location of the cafe is near gang Ciseke besar. Turn right from Gerlam and walk for 10 minutes to gang Ciseke besar. After you passed gang Ciseke besar, walk a little bit and look to the left and you’ll find Gusto Cafe.

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