Mie Bakso Biasa Pa Amin 2

Nida Robbyyatul A./18041014008

Mie Bakso Biasa is made from tapioca flour and beef that has been mashed, with added spices such as garlic, pepper, salt and some eggs, Mie Bakso Biasa consist are three meatball medium size, kale, noodle, minced chicken, one dumpling and addedsambal. Mie Bakso Biasa has a savory flavor, dense and chewy. The tasted soup and meatball of Mie Bakso Biasa is salty, and the noodle is little bit sour. The price of Mie Bakso Biasa isIDR 11,000 for a bowl.

Bakso Amin 2 is located in front of Indomaret Hegarmanah, opposite Koramil . Bakso Amin 2can be reached 10 minutes away on foot from Gerlam and open from 09.00 AM-10.00 PM.

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