Martabak Telur Bebek Biasa

Dinia Sofia/180410150018

For 25,000 IDR you can get one box of the mouthwatering Martabak Telur Bebek Biasa at Martabak Mandiri.The smell of the martabak makes your stomach goes wild craving for it. You can taste the crunchy spring onions, the well-cooked meat, and of course the egg as the star of the dish blending in your mouth. Martabak Telur Bebek Biasa dipped with pickled-vinegar sauce tastes so salty and sour but in the good way.

From 6 PM until 10 PM Martabak Mandiri opens near Perpustakaan Batu Api. Approximately 10 minute walk from Gerlam is the perfect choice.

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