Martabak Keju Susu

David Tori P. / 180410150057

Martabak Keju Susu is the best-selling menu in Martabak Al-Dilla. It’s a sweet pie with grated cheese and milk in the middle. The basic ingredient of the pie is batter, which made from dough of flour, baking soda, egg, water and sugar. Then it’s baked for 5 minutes. The key that makes this menu is best-selling menu is because of the crust is so crunchy. They also added margarine before the topping. So Martabak Keju Susu is not full of sweet, but also savory. It costs IDR 20,000. Martabak Al-DIlla is located on the roadside. It’s in front of Gang Kampung Geulis. It opened at 4 PM until 11 PM. The access to reach this place from gerlam takes 15 minutes by walk.

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