Martabak Ice Cream Pisang

Rachmah Setya Utami/180410150061

The best thing you could find in Martabak Mini C’Kembar is Martabak Ice Cream Pisang. With pandan batter and strawberry-flavoured ice cream, it is even tastier than the way it looks. Crunchy outside, the salty taste from margarine on the surface of the pie is completed by the sweetness that melts immediately inside your mouth from the strawberry ice cream. The banana below the ice cream adds a little bit sour taste into it. They also gives extra topping such as cheese wafer roll on the top. We can find Martabak Mini C’Kembar in Ciseke Besar, around 10 minutes’ walk from Gerlam from 4 PM until 11 PM. To get Martabak Ice Cream Pisang, you only need IDR 8,000, a very affordable price.

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