Burger Sapi Keju

Breda Mukti Lukitasari/180410150046

Burger Sapi Keju from Donuyz Burger is extraordinary. The patty cooked well and tender. It tastes savory, doused by chili sauce, ketchup and mayonnaise. Then they put the vegetables on top of it. The vegetables are fresh. You can see it by the color of the vegetables that is still bright. After that they put the cheese on top of it. The thin-sliced cheese tastes strong but it fits with the other elements. The round-shaped bread is sweet and fluffy. It sprinkled with sesame. The sweetness of the bread combine with the savory patty and the strong taste of cheese make this burger worthy to be enjoyed.

Donyuz Burger is a little café located in Jalan Sukawening. It takes less than 15 minutes walk from Gerlam. Burger Sapi Keju cost 14,000 IDR. Donuyz Burger is open every day except feast day and personal holiday from 11 AM until 9 PM.

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