Bakso Telur Bebek Boedjangan

Yoga Permana/180410150006

Bakso Telur Bebek is meatball filled with duck’s egg. In a bowl of Bakso Telur Bebek, it usually serves with a big meatball, savoury soup, two mini meatballs and the rice noodles. The duck’s egg inside the meatball is medium-cooked with soft yolk. The meatball itselves are made of beef.The soup is made of fresh herbs and spices.The sensation of the combination of chewy meatball with medium-cooked duck’s egg when you bite it simultaneously, it tastes mildly sweet but not stench, pungent and savory will make your tongue dancing. The meatball costs only 24,000 IDR/bowl.

Bakso Boedjangan is located in Jalan Raya Cirebon-Bandung N0. 73, Cibeusi, Jatinangor. If you walk from Gerlam Unpad, it takes 25 minutes. Bakso Boedjangan is open from 10.00 AM until 09.00 PM.

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