When Fashion Meets Comfort

Ermaly Aminah Erwinputri

One of today’s trends that have caught my attention is “athleisure,”athletic clothes worn as everyday outftit. This “buzzword” was described in an InStyle column as a perfectly descriptive made-up word that defines clothes that are not only used for athletic purposes but also appropriate for other everyday leisure for all ages. Athleisure is basically a combination between sportswear and casual clothing for achieving a street style that includes yoga pants, leggings, hoodies and sneakers. This style usually aims at a chic and fashionable look with comfortable wardrobe. “It seems that it is now totally acceptable to wear your outfit all day, every day,” says studio owner Simone De La Rue for instyle.com “Even if you haven’t worked out.”

There are many reasons why athleisure became a trend; one of them is because of the emerging healthy lifestyle. This trend can inspire and motivate people to take better care of their bodies. People become aware that having a healthier lifestyle is good for their body and soul. They become more familar with the habit of consuming healthy foods and drinks, along with the belief that going to the gym is a must in order to pursue the idea of a healthier lifestyle. As for working people with tight schedules, the idea of athleisure is more efficient because they do not need to bring extra clothes and change before going to work after a nice morning of exercising. They can easily put their greasy hair into a ponytail, wipe off the sweat and go straight to doing to doing whatever other activities they are planning to do that day. Even so, this routine may not apply for people who work in strict working environments that require them to wear blouses, skirts or trousers and heels; but it is perfect for people with more easy-going work environments.

The athleisure trend has been going on since 2014. Designers have been designing, applying and showing off this trend, as well as featuring their works on the runways in fashion weeks. Karl Lagerfeld has designed sweatshirts and Chanel made couture sneakers. Designers have turned the basic t-shirts, sweatpants and sneakers into more luxurious items of clothing, even though they are all the same, but just with better tailoring quality and bigger brands.

Celebrities, from actresses to models and socialites alike, also popularize the trend. Two of the most famous ones are the best friend duo; Victoria’s Secret Angels, Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid, who are both known for their careers as successful models and their habits of matching their outfits. Yes, they seem to always go for the effortlessly chic fashion taste and like to coordinate each other’s outfits before they hit the streets. The model BFFs like to wear comfortable wardrobe when they are off the runways. At some occasions, they both can wear yoga pants with crop tops and sportbras with a bomber jacket or a long coat for the outer layer that happen to show parts of their bombshell body, in what seemingly to be comfortable sneakers rather than high heels.

There are certain ways to generally make one considered as applying the athleisure look. First, we decide which clothing items that mix both fashion and function. We can take Kendall and Gigi’s look for inspiration or simply copy them; the athletic tops comfortably hold your upper body and work as well if you want to show off your toned abs. The second is to not overdo your look with accessories, because it will not go along with our functional aim of a simple sporty look. Just add functional ones, such as signature sunglasses, a wristwatch or a pair of comfortable sneakers. Last but not least, tie your hair into a ponytail or a high bun for a clean sleek look. Although the purpose of athleisure is to wear a casual wardrobe, we also better pay attention to the places and events that we want to go, and make sure that the outfits that we have chosen are appropriate for them. For example, be aware that we cannot wear our sports bra and shorts to an office lunch event without having people turning their heads and rolling their eyes. We can, however, pair our comfy sneakers with a simple crop top and add a statement necklace. Colors can be very important as well. If you are not confident enough to wear vibrant colors at formal events, just switch them to rather neutral colors. For formal occasions, you could never go wrong with the classic simple black and white attire.

It is true that athleisure gives us an excuse to be lazy yet be comfortable when we leave the house. It can also give our body some fair time off from the complicated clothes that the entire glamorous look requires, or an uptight outfit that the work environment demands. There is a widely used phrase that said “fashion is pain”, but the athleisure trend can contradict that. Who says you cannot be fashionable and comfortable at the same time? Trends will come and go, but I believe we must stay true to ourselves in order to achieve confidence. I agree that when you wear clothes that you feel comfortable in, they can boost your confidence, and nothing says beautiful than a confident person. But if you want to try this athleisure trend, it is finally the time to ditch the uncomfortable high heels and put on those cozy sneakers and replace your bodycon dresses with a pair of yoga pants. Enjoy a nice day with comfortable clothes and a fashion statement.

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