That One Self-Centered Friend

Widy Nur Ahliyah

There was a group of 4 sophomores living in the same flat in Jatinangor. They were Audrey, Bella, Dinda, and Sarah. They all went to Unpad, Audrey studied International Relations, Bella studied German Literature, Dinda studied Communication, and Sarah studied Food Science and Technology. Having lived in the same building for more than a year, they had become close friends, travelling partners, and restaurant hunters. Audrey stood out among the girls, she had a pretty face thanks to her beautiful Dutch grandmother, and she was Instafamous—she hit 20k followers on Instagram. She would also come up with many ideas when it came to having fun. She was basically the leader of the squad.

During the holiday, Audrey urged the girls to take a trip to Bali with her and won them over. The girls finally had a 5-day-trip to Bali, and Audrey would stick to Sarah all the time since she took her new Fujifilm Xpro2 with her. The rest of the girls would post pictures of them all together on their social media accounts while Audrey would only post pictures of herself taken by Sarah’s camera. “God, I love your camera. It makes me feel a lot prettier,” said Audrey. “No, it’s just you and your features that make you look gorgeous!” Dinda answered, looking amazed by her friend’s beauty.

The girls went back to Jatinangor and started their fourth semester. It was only the first day and Audrey had asked the girls out to a brand new cafe in Bandung. This time she persuaded Bella, the only one who owned a car, to drive them. “Come on, this cafe looks so cute. The interior is amazing and totally Instagram-worthy, oh and I haven’t checked in on my Path for a while.” Bella had a long day and refused to drive them, but Audrey, as usual, forced her to grant her wish. “What if I drive? I’ll treat you to dinner.” Bella happened to be hungry and could do nothing but say “yes.”

Audrey always wanted to look perfect, she went on a diet to keep her body shape and got a facial treatment frequently, so she would use Bella as her ‘driver’ or simply borrowed her car. One evening, Bella asked Audrey to lend her a dress for her anniversary date, but she didn’t, saying all of her dresses were unwashed. The very next day, Audrey muttered “I’m so fat! I need to go on a mayo diet.” “No way, you’re effing slender,” said Bella. “Whatever, I need to go grocery shopping, can I use your car?” “Uh I have to go to my friend’s ya know I’ve got plenty of work to do.” Bella eventually realized that Audrey would only be nice to her when she’s in need of her car. She tried to cut her off by making excuses every damn time she asked for her help.

Unlike Bella, Dinda was a loyal friend of Audrey’s. She considered Audrey her role model and she would copy her a lot. Audrey felt annoyed by Dinda’s obsession towards her, yet she kept her as her ‘personal assistant.’ Audrey had many lovers and there was this boy that she trapped in the friend zone. He was willing to do anything including picking her up and accompanying her wherever she wanted to. Audrey kept this boy named Gerry about, because he was her classmate and was clever enough to help her deal with her assignments. “Gerry is a hunk and the sweetest, why hasn’t he become your boyfriend yet?” asked Dinda. “Gerry doesn’t have a car. That’s the problem.” “oh my God come on he’s got a really cool Vespa and he’s done everything for you.” “no, you gotta get a man who drives. That’s a real gentleman,” said Audrey. Dinda shook her head.

Now that Audrey no longer had a good relationship with Bella, she started selecting a boyfriend out of her admirers so that she could have someone pamper her. She started a relationship with an Architecture student at Unpar named Dion. Knowing that Audrey was off the market, the number of her admirers diminished. Dion and Audrey got along pretty well. He spoiled her with so much attention and bought her things she wanted. The first few weeks went awesome, Audrey took good care of Dion and frequently delivered him heavenly food that was actually cooked by Dinda. However, after dating for 2 months, Dion noticed Audrey’s true colors, the girl he’d been dating was a demanding and self-centered person. He decided to break up with Audrey and moved on with his life. Audrey didn’t tell anyone that she’s newly single.

Audrey was brokenhearted and lonely so she went to her hometown for a week to release the stress. While she was home, she got a text from Dinda. She told her that she’d been dating with Gerry for a week and hoped she didn’t mind since she already had a boyfriend. The text really pissed her off. Audrey returned to Jatinangor and brought some scrumptious food only for Bella and Sarah. She acted cold towards Dinda, her loyal friend. At the end of the fourth semester, Audrey moved out of the flat and left a bad taste in her friends’ mouths. Even so, the 3 girls were grateful that the egomaniac got lost.

Reference :

My Cousin’s Friends

Word Count : 888

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