Social Media and Relationships

Restiana Yuniari Muhtar

Living in the online era, it is very beneficial to our daily lives. With the Internet, our lives become more convenient and efficient. Although a positive impact, no doubt anymore that the Internet also brings bad effects if not used wisely. In terms of relationships, the internet may be one cause of the shipwreck of one’s relationship. Internet addiction can indeed make us so that we spend more time in front of a computer screen for surfing the internet and the latest update of our lives on social networking sites.

Basically, the relationships, the internet can give a different effect for each person. There are people who find her soul mate on the internet, there are also people who drop out because of the internet. But after all, the Internet is often a negative impact on a person’s relationship.

Effects of social media turns on average have a pretty bad effect on the life of every person, whether adults or children. Many cases found since the technological development of increasingly sophisticated social media, like Facebook, Twitter, Google +, and other mass media. Examples of cases that often occurs is a fraud, rape, abduction, and many other cases.

Not only that, divorces and marital quarrels often occur because of social media. According to experts, the couple that use four or more types of social media will be decreased satisfaction during intercourse with a partner. This is because the habits of a couple who always spent time in the virtual world, rather than pay attention to their own spouses.

The effect of social media is perceived by the pair can be triggered by things that could happen. Here are a few conditions that can sometimes be the great problems as a couple:

Deliberately to search for old friend’s account on the social media.

  • Mutual and unrequited-reply write short messages in both the message or wall, without the knowledge partner.
  • Secret password to the email and social media partner, so as not to know the messages that you wrote to an old friend.
  • You are experiencing grief, then take it out on social media, with to share your feelings in the wall or timeline.
  • You do not delete the photos wonderful memories of your old couple.
  • Too cool to chat, so it does not focus on the needs required couples.

Of the few cases above, it will usually be a very bad influence in domestic life. You can just turn away from the couple and effect is always associated with the virtual world. Suspicions pair will always appear, if they always focus on social media. Of suspicion that will appear quarrel quite powerful, so it can lead to divorce.

There are several causes of our problems romance.

  • More Time for Internet

We work using the internet, fill leisure time by surfing the Internet, and play games on the internet. But when we are with friends and we still spend time on the internet? This is the cause, the more exhausted your time to do the activities in cyberspace than to your partner. The result you so it does not any more attention to him because of cool yourself with your world. If you have this, he became feel not cared for until there arose a quarrel that led to you not harmonious relationship with him.

  • Jealous

Have an account on some social media is very exciting because you can share it to your friends in cyberspace. The wider the circle your friendship, you’ve definitely dong the same for police so compelled to certain accounts. Not to mention you’re so hooked- comments at the opposite sex. That is what makes your partner so jealous because you prefer to interact with others in the virtual world than with itself. It’s natural that the Internet eventually cause jealousy of your partner.

  • Kepo

Do not have an account social media tantamount not exist. But this is what caused the couple became curious and wanted to know about our activities in the media social. Especially some social networking features allow us to see the traces of the activity of our partners. If one partner already feels for police and are suspicious of any of our interactions on the Internet, this signifies unhealthy relationships. Though lovers should be able to trust each other. If it cannot believe, finally there are the bickering that could lead ended their relationship.

  • Ex-lover

That’s the beauty of living in the internet because we can connect with people, whether it’s the person we used to know as well as we just know. Especially for the ex-girlfriend who’ve filled your life in the past. With the internet, you and he can communicate back. Not good news is the return of the former to the life you could damage your relationship with a girlfriend at this time. Then you should not communicate anymore with the former even though only in social media though.

  • Tweet

So easy it is to use social networks this one, most people do so more often spill steam even chat with ways tweet. Severe is the same if you communicate girlfriend on twitter. Very unhealthy if you get a reply-a reply tweet even during a fight as could be seen by many people.

But the development of social media also can make you passive in real life, and makes communication does not run well when face to face.

  • Frequent Updates Social Media, Equals Less Rewarding

Do not doubt that smartphones are so addictive. Especially in this day and age, people do not ever escape from their mobile phones. But it also can reduce your intimacy when you’re with a girlfriend. The quality of communication is reduced because both are busy updating socmed.

Not only that, many also encountered people who spit personal problems with the way the offensive in pairs in socmed without mention. Instead of learning the communication to solve problems, frequent updates socmed would indicate you’re not mature and do not appreciate boyfriend.

  • Passive

Busy with a smartphone can seize your precious time with loved ones. Habit to check other people’s lives in socmed going to make you passive in the real world, but exist in cyberspace.

This can give a bad signal to the listener. For example, ‘you do not matter to me’ or ‘you’re not my priority at this time’. Words that can be conveyed through the motions without having expressed directly.

  • Lonely

Social needs in the real world would not be fulfilled if you continue to live in a virtual world. Intimacy with a partner is not going to maintain quality if only in passing socmed, rather than when face to face.

Everyone wants to feel important and loved. It can only be given directly, not just show affection in socmed.

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