[Review] New Application in My Generation ‘Sing! Karaoke by Smule’: What is Smule? And how to use it

Vivi Tania

1.What is Smule?

Until now, Music has become the entertainment that is very popular in the world. Many people do things to express their happiness in music with download MP3, buy a CD / DVD used to sing while playing music, go to a karaoke place, and some even buy various karaoke tools for use at home.

In this globalization era , if you more expressive singing in karaoke you should not to go to karaoke place to sing the song that is you want. Now you can try new application that is called Smule. It will make you easily to bring this application wherever you are. Smule is a Karaoke app for android. Smule has a database of artists and songs are complete, you can even upload your own songs on the smartphone you have. Smule also have a complete feature, such as sound effects, music synchronization and vocal. This application can facilitate you to duet with Smule other users. Besides that, you also can get new friends on its recommendation by this application. We can also invite friends to duet with us or we can join songs from someone who has been prepared for duet.

Before I give you how to use the Smule Sing application, I will tell you how to install and registration it on your smartphone. For iPhone users download this application on iTunes and for Android users please download in Play Store. Before you install Smule Sing application, Make sure you have a stable internet connection. Here are the steps:

1. Search Smule app on your smartphone in PlayStore or iTunes, and select Sing! Karaoke by Smule.

2. Click install

3. After you install the application, then you will see the interface as shown below, you can register or log in using your Facebook or Google account.

4. Next, you can add a username and profile from take pictures, choose exiting photo, and import from Facebook. Tap Save when done.

5. After you choose a photo and specify a username, then you will be asked to choose the type of music that usually you sing, press NEXT as the picture below.

6. Next, attach the headset to your Android device. Then, select the songs you will sing by pressing SING.

7. If the headset already installed, it will appear as shown below, and continue to click NEXT.

8. The song was ready sung with the tempo and the lyrics.

9. This is the main screen of the app Sing! Karaoke by Smule, there are many menus and tracks that can be selected.


If you have installed Smule Sing application, then you should know the content contained in the application to make you easily to use Smule Sing. In Smule Sing application, there are karaoke modes such as solo, duet, and group. Beside you can sing by yourself, you also can duet with your friends or sing together in the group mode.

The directions:


1. On the main screen select the song that is you want to sung, for example a song by Charlie Puth entitled One Call Away, press the sing menu (in blue), then press the Solo. Do not forget to wear a headset and wait a moment until the word Star turn blue. Then click ‘Star’ to begin singing. This application relies on the internet; make sure that your Internet is connection.

2. If you have already finished the karaoke, it will appear ‘review recording ‘menu. Then you start to listen the recording that you sing. You also can edit or apply sound effects that you want such as Studio and Polish. If you have finished editing sound effects, press Continue.
Furthermore, Smule would appear Customize, you can write something or status that you have recorded. Before you share to the public, you can also record your privacy by sliding left to make personal archive, and slide it to the right if you want to share and others can hear your voice. Click Save.
If you are finished, you can distribute sound recording to social media accounts you have.


1. If you want to make duet karaoke, select a song that you are going to singing, I take the example of Celine Dion’s My Heart Will Go On. Click duet menu, after you press the menu you will be asked to pay with details 1 month for IDR12, 000 and 1 year for IDR95, 000. If you do not want to pay, you can click ‘Join someone else for free’. Subsequently will be there many others of the smule users, choose one of them to duet with you, and click Join.

2. After you click ‘Join’, wait a minute for preparing the studio. Before you sing, Smule will tell you three kinds of lyrics are the lyrics for own, the lyrics to partner and the lyrics to be sung together.

3. The last one you began to sing with your partner, edit sound effects, and share your recordings in an account that you have.

The Steps to make group karaoke are same as duet karaoke, only you should click ‘group’ to start singing. Songs on this application are very complete such as pop, rock, k-pop; even there is dangdut song the same as karaoke place.

If many people are still usually visit karaoke places which is called ‘room karaoke family’, in 2016 or in my generation you should not to go to particular karaoke places to sing , you should only have smartphone and internet connection to install Smule application and you can start singing even you can stay karaoke in everywhere. It makes you more practices in karaoke. With Smule you also can sing with your new friend from other country. This is the example from Karaoke place in my old generation and Smule in my new generation:

In my generation, most people have already used this new application and I have already too. Now you should have it. What are you waiting for? Let add me to be your friend vivitania02.

That is all information about ‘what is Smule? And how to use the application’, I hope you enjoy reading this articles and hopefully be able to assist you in using it.
May be useful and good luck.

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