[Opinion] Through Life with Wi-Fi

Aqtanessia Eriabriane N

I am in a generation where Wi-Fi is something that should have or have owned by everyone. Cannot be denied that with this situation almost everyone will feel confused and find difficulty or distress without Wi-Fi. I also feel that I am very dependence with it and also the people around me. That is because this times that has been increasingly sophisticated and more advanced due to the development of this technology, everything is more instant and easy. In addition, one of which is the existence of the Internet and supported by the rapid development of gadgets or a sophisticated communication devices that allows them to be able to do anything to use the internet wherever they are.

Internet is a medium that is often used to find information very quickly and easily because of the extensive coverage around the world. With the internet, we can perform various activities such as communicating with people around the world, buying or selling, doing the coursework, working, sending email and much more. Therefore, to be able to do it all is Wi-Fi is needed as a technology that allows everyone to access the internet.

Nowadays, Wi-Fi is very necessary thing even though has existed since a few years ago. Before the existence of Wi-Fi maybe people are usually familiar with the term of modem. However, with the development of technology it has been replaced with the existence of Wi-Fi. I feel that without Wi-Fi all the things that I and a lot of people doing it will be hampered. Why do I say that? because the existence of Wi-Fi can solve many problems in any case, especially in terms of internet usage because as we have already known the Internet has an extremely important role in this globalization era and that is why Wi-Fi is also an important thing especially for me and the generations in this era who are familiar with the easiness.

With the importance of Wi-Fi in this generation make this generation can be said as the generation of ‘Wi-Fi Hunter’ because wherever they are, they will search the Wi-Fi network to access the Internet. They will try to find the Wi-Fi network while always ask their friends, or people who are around them ‘Is there a Wi-Fi connection or not?’, ‘How about the connection?’, ‘Which Wi-Fi connection can be used?’ And so forth.

However with so many changes, nowadays, facilities of Wi-Fi are easily found in many public places such as schools, colleges, hotels and especially in restaurants or cafes. The generation of this time, especially young people would love if they are in a restaurant or cafe that contained the sign ‘Free Wi-Fi Hotspot’. With the facility of Wi-Fi, it will also used as a consideration when choosing a restaurant or cafe besides the circumstances of the place and the food menus. “Excuse me, what is the Wi-Fi password?” that sentence would have questioned when people are in a restaurant or cafe that has Wi-Fi facility but must use a password or they will ask ‘Does the Wi-Fi connection can not be used?’ When they try to connect the Wi-Fi networks in their gadgets but it did not work. After that, when they successfully connect the Wi-Fi network they will use this opportunity to do various activities such as playing social media like Path, Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube then they can also doing their tasks, or even just a chance for those who currently do not have a quota on their gadgets. Then, most of people in this generation, will only order a drink or one type of food, and they would sit for hours while enjoying the Wi-Fi facilities. It is something that often happens and that is also I often do.

Regardless of the existence of Wi-Fi connection in public places and the increasing to use Internet, nowadays, many people also have their own Wi-Fi facility at their home or in dormitory rooms for students. The availability of Wi-Fi in dormitory rooms for students who are part of this generation is also consideration for choosing a dormitory. It because the availability of Wi-Fi for students is very important especially for doing their tasks and also can be a medium of entertainment which access using the internet in their dormitory.

Then besides that, people in this generation has been had a Wi-Fi network that can be brought anywhere so it is enable for people who have it can get a Wi-Fi network wherever they are. However, people who usually have Wi-Fi network like this would be difficult to share the Wi-Fi network. They will give a password so just a group of people who can use the Wi-Fi because the system of it is using quotas that should be recharged.

From this phenomena which found in this generation of using Wi-Fi, it can be said that in this generation Wi-Fi is much needed. It can be seen from the many activities in this globalization era which will be associated with the internet so, it can enabling them need to have or use a Wi-Fi connection. In addition, with the development of technology which increasingly advanced and sophisticated because of gadgets or communication devices then also applications and social media which requires them to connect with the internet connection. Therefore, Wi-Fi has become very necessary thing in today’s generation to support their activities in this time that will more frequently require to using internet.



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