[Opinion] My Generation: Living in The Virtual Life is A Pleasure Reality

Sifa Deana Dara

Being a teenager that living in this era is has both pride and regret for me. In this digital era, people say many things about this. Various innovation that actually have ever had exist in this world has been found again but in different function or it says more advance, has created again in this millenium era. Without any doubt, some –many teenagers actually, they easily going through this innovation and apply those things in their life whatsoever.

I think this is tend to the influence of advance technologies nowadays, and also the easy spreading of foreign culture that comes altogether with it. You know that teenagers accustomed called like the labile one in the society. No on called like that except us, teenagers, the most preffered topic to discuss. Considering that teenager is the one that now always come up and discussed in both real society and in the media, whatever is it, in achievement, criminal, cyberbullying, entrepreneurs and so on.

Sometimes I feel proud that being living in this era that provide human ease more that things that provided in previous era. What kind of things we could not effort today? Nothing, we can create everythings we want to. Just see in your social media wheher it is in Line, Facebook, Twitter, BBM, Path, how many kind of people created? It start from the alay, narcism, cabe-cabean, terong-terongan, the real creative one and many more, it all comes altogether once the new things has been created.

We know that time has changed you, your thoughts, people, our family, our goverment, and our life. Dont be sad about it. The important thing you still stand in your line and enjoy your time as long as you believe that what you believe is right and do not damage yourself and the others.

In my generation, people tend to prefer socializing in virtual life, like social media that play the role to connect to it. People busy to check their handphone out again and again finding who are people that like the status they posted in their social media and too focus to friends that they add and add again to like and comment their status, ignoring the people arround them like they do not exist at all. Moreover there are kind of people like this who are too care about the followers they have, and busy to chatting with people they even dont know before.

Narcissism even is the popular topic for teenagers nowadays. We like to post our photos, whatever pose it is, the more anty-mainstream photos we posted, the more like we can get. It is funny sometimes, but it is seems to leads people to have or created another inconvenient pose, like graduated senior high school students photo’s pose that several times ago spreaded in Instagram and many more. This is what I say that being living in this era is a regret for me.

Now people too love with the virtual life they have. So, they even cannot life without data account to keep connect with internet service and to keep in touch with their virtual friends, actually. Although it is not always that I said before that being living in this generation is a regret, but also I do proud of my generation, when teenagers have to progress in financial aspect, when many teenagers own their business in their young age or they have a good spirit to lead their life to be reach as fast as they can and they do not work so extra, because by virtual life now goes on, everything can be efford as it fit with this era, by virtual.

This era has been labeled as the instant product user , where people just need to play their device to get the things they want to have. Those things has available in good and practice service that offered. We dont need to go out to buy the dress, or wallet, and shoes we want to, we dont need to go waiting for an ojek to go somewhere, we even dont need to go out to loooking for fun if w lonely, because sometimes it is a funny thing to just sit or lay down in the bed and chatting with those you accustomed to chat with. Now even you want people ti know what feel you are feeing at time, what activities youre doing all day, what event you attend yesterday, what food you wnat to eat when you hungry, what messages you want your boyfriend or your girlfriend know via social media, who people you date with or you love with posted some photos with him or her and many more. People want other know everything about you.

Now we can freely expressing our skill we have, in virtual life again. Like posted our karaoke in Youtube, Smule, without dare show it off in front of our friends, or in real life so we can known by other people around us. Theres many misterious friends we have we dont know how talented they are. That at sudddent they called as an artist in social media.

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