[Opinion] Instagram Users I’ve Ever Met

Annisa Nurma Indriyani

I should write a thing about my generation. I think my generation is millennia. Based on Bu Rima’s lecture and several sites that I have read, millennial generation is a generation who prefers to use technology rather than doing something manually. Groups of young people who also called millennial or gen Y are those that having an age of teens to early thirties (born in early 1980 to 2000). Briefly, gen Y is the generation that grew up in the middle of technologies development. This phenomenon also affects the sensitivity of a change in gen Y. Gen Y is not afraid of a change but sometimes impatient with the process leading to a change. This generation is familiar with the internet and very active in social media.

I have read a new study of Pew Research Center on pewinternet.org, they said that “92% of teens report going online daily”. It proves that some young people who includes in millennial generation uses some mobile devices especially smartphones to interact with others. Also according to the study, “half of teens use Instagram”. Instagram occupy the second place after Facebook in social media used most often levels. I think Instagram is compatible to occupy this place. It is because nowadays Instagram gives several advantages to our daily life. The advantages is Instagram becomes media for advertising; we can advertise our product if we have online shop, nowadays there are many online shops use Instagram for promoting their product, we also can help a café or restaurant which is just opened to promote their place or foods if we are lucky we can get some rewards. With Instagram, we can also find inspiration on things like OOTD (Outfit Of The Day) or make some little stuff on DIY (Do It Yourself).

In the above paragraph, I mentioned some advantages of using Instagram, but what exactly Instagram is? According to Instagram’s site, Instagram is

a fun and quirky way to share your life with friends through a series of pictures. Snap a photo with your mobile phone, then choose a filter to transform the image into a memory to keep around forever. We’re building Instagram to allow you to experience moments in your friends’ lives through pictures as they happen. We imagine a world more connected through photos.

Named Instagram comes from combination of “instant” which means something taken for granted today and “telegram” . I conclude that Instagram is a media or app of photo and video sharing. It offers users a unique way to post photos and videos using smartphones. Users also can apply different manipulation tools with 16 filters or effects in order to transform the appearance of the photos then share them through some platforms such as Instagram’s home, Facebook, and Twitter. Instagram also provides users to add caption when posting photos and video, and mentioning some friends.

Instagram is an app that has been known for some people. Based on my experience in using Instagram, I will share kinds of people that I have met in Instagram, here there are….

1. The selfie person

This user often post photo of her/him. Most of her/his Instagram’s feeds contain many photos of her/himself. For example I follow each other with one of my friend’s friend, almost every day she always posts a picture. The picture is certainly her selfie photo. At that time I had been stalked her feeds (because I am curious) and I found something that was not surprising. Some, eh, most of her feeds is her selfie photos, with the same poses and expressions which had no difference, just wore a different clothes.

2. The vacationer

I prefer called this user as a vacationer than traveler because…. I want to call it like that. Hehe. The vacationer or you can call them traveler, is a type of Instagram user that usually post places most visited or must visited. This user brings a jealousy feeling for me because of his photos about wonderful places. I just grumble “Ini orang jalan-jalan mulu, emang ga punya kerjaan lain apa?

3. The hashtagger

Same as the name, this Instagram user often use symbol # or hashtag on the photo or video’ caption. Someone said that “if you upload your photo or video with a lot of hashtag, you can boost the number of likers”. Is it the goal from some hashtagger? Whether the hashtagger would feel stiff after typing a lot of hashtag?

4. The foodstagrammer

Nowadays foodstagramming is a new activity before you eat your meals and the picture called foodstagram. Fodstagramming means taking photos of meals before eating them, then post it to Instagram’s home. This activity raises some pros and cons. In my opinion, taking picture before eating is a normal thing, of course, if I continue enjoying my meal even though it was cold.

5. The holy artistic

I have seen many Instagram account like this. They usually post something artsy such as lovable room, trendy fashion, or design inspiration. This type of user typically can see “something” differently and certainly artistic.

6. The seller and endorsement person

I find some seller or owner of online shops in Instagram. They walk through my Instagram home page and explore page. They even follow my Instagram account. Should the endorsement person rarely appears on my home page, they usually exist on the explore page. The endorsement person usually has a good-looking face and many followers. How lucky they are getting some free stuff!

That is some users who I have met in Instagram. In fact, there are still many kinds of user but only them who come to my mind when I write this text. Because of this text reach over 800 words, then I should end this section. Last but not least, so, I am a kind of free Instagram user, who like to post everything that I think it is shareable.

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