[Opinion] Historical facts before knowing gadgets and internet

Mugi Indah Lestari

If we talk about the development of the era, it will be largely dominated by the presence of technology, one of them is Internet. The Internet was created to facilitate human’s work. Also the internet is created as a tool to socialize and get more income. Even though the role of Internet has many benefits, on the other hand, culture or habit which we have or we do eventually will be loss because of this technology.

Here I will share my experiences when I was a student, from elementary school to vocational school, although I was also born in this era which is called the millennial generation, but I still know and have fun with the simplicity of being together with other playmates before I know gadgets and internet.

First, now, it is not a public secret that children are introduced gadgets or smartphone by their parents. For example, my own nephew are capable to operate gadgets, what did he do? He is definitely playing games, he played various games. Well when I was on that age, surely I was still playing with traditional toys such as Kelereng, Yoyo, Lompat tali, Congklak, Enggrang and much more. I think playing traditional games make us become familiar with other friends. Now children prefer to play their gadgets in house than playing traditional games outdoors with their friends. There is an individualism of children today. Whereas, in that old, they should feel the togetherness, learn to socialize with playmates. But because the development of the era makes these habits gradually disappear. Now it is rare to see children running and playing around the house.

Secondly, now elementary school children already understand about love-romance, though it is still arguably called puppy love. I was surprised when my cousin, forth class on elementary school, already has a girlfriend. And his girlfriend is our neighbor. His girlfriend was really annoying, in her facebook status, she wrote about love-romance and she was super protective with my cousin. It’s very amusing to read. Their relationship is exaggerated, such as calling each other with mama and papa like couple who have married. Now they also have a gang, they just play with friend who their thinks are equally beautiful or rich friend. In my time, children still do not understand what PACARAN (dating) is called, we have fun to play together without feeling awkward and we don’t being picky with our friend. These habits are possibly the negative effects of sinetron which they watch every day. Now the plot of sinetron is not far away about love story at school. So the children who watch it follows what they see.

It’s so easy to enter the foreign cultures without any serious preventive. So the result is negative effects entered our country. For instance, how the women High School students to dress their uniform makes deliberately tight or pressed with the body. These students are follow the trend that is going on. Anyway two years ago when I became a high school student, if we wore the uniform like that, we got some punishment from BK (Guidance counseling) teacher. After that we would have felt embarrassed because it was seen by other friends. But there are many outstanding photos of students who wear uniforms like that and pose impolitely in many social media accounts.

The sophisticated of smartphone that is currently issued by well-known vendors, oftentimes they buy newest smartphone. The reason is for being teenagers who are Kekinian (up to date). Kekinian teenagers are teenagers who follow the changing times, both in terms of fashion, attitudes, behaviors, habits or the technology itself. So all things or that habit such as become obligation and lose out if they didn’t those. Our generation is the witness how rapid the growth of famous smartphones; Iphone, Samsung, OPPO and others.

They use many social media accounts, making these students depend on their phone. They take selfie anywhere or take a photo of anything that can describe what they are doing and then post it to all of social media accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Path, Snapchat and many more. They want to be exist between their friends and not become outdated. For they included me who equally included into the millennial generation, bringing smartphones and gadgetss anywhere has become a necessity. For us, with our smartphone can easily get the information, by searching on google or another search machine, so we up-to-date with the surroundings.

Behind the habits students above, because of the sophistication of technology and the Internet which are available at this time, my friends in collage or who still being high school students already good to be young entrepreneur, many of those opened an online shop, start from selling food, fashion, or offer skill that they have. With this the facility technology also we can develop our creativity and we can share the results of our work to the public. So that can provide motivation to others people to develop their talents and dare to publish it to the public.




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