Fathia Septiani

Summary: A murder that looked like a suicide just happen in the heart of New York and it looked exactly like on of the case in the popular TV series CSI. Who is responsible? Who is the guilty and who is not?

“It all started about 5 year ago. My secrets, the insult, the death threat. It came to me by text, emails, night calls with a creepy man voice (or I think it was a man). At first I ignored them, but then one by one those text came to my family. He send my father a note saying that I’m not a virgin anymore! So she lashes out on me and I am grounded for a month. However, it didn’t stop there. It send another note to my mother saying that my father cheated on her (which is true because I saw them myself). Then my mother moved out from the house, leaving me, my father, and my sister. He is the reason my family fall apart! Then suddenly one day, it all just disappear. The text never came again….. Until it was 3 months ago. That’s when I came to him… Alexander.”

“Alexander? Alexander Watson? The man you are with earlier today?” ask the man in front of me.

“Yes, that’s him. He’s my partner in crime……………….. Literally” I laughed.

“Well you seems like a good girl type. I mean your record is clean, you are a senator’s daughter, good grade, good job, but then how could you do such a clean crime. Setting it up like an overdose when it is actually not. Where did you learn that?”

“Do you know that your case is sooo similar to the CSI case?”

“You mean the TV series CSI?”

“Yes! What else? Me and Alex was a great fan. Even before we met”

“So that’s the idea of your murder. You tied him up and make him swallowed a dozen of his own drugs. He’s already a drug addict so it won’t be necessary to buy drugs again.”

“Once again! I did not kill him!”

“So who? Oh, I know. I’m thinking you got the idea from watching that TV series, so you planned all of it and Alex executed it. Am I right?”

I leaned forward, looked him in the eyes and said “All I can tell you that I’m not guilty in this. Would you like to know your murderer, Detective? So I guess you should looked for it more clearly” and sit again. After that the detective went out from the interrogation room.


“So Ms.Peterson already told us about your CSI fan club, and she also told me that she is innocent. Then that leave you. Let me guess, you are madly in love with her that you would kill the stalker, right? Your IT background also supports that you can track him down easily. So I’m thinking that she planned all of this and you executed it.”

“Wow! Such an interesting story you had there detective. You may be right that I tracked that guy down. Do you know what my friends called me in high school? The tech-guy. Funny right?” I laugh. However, the detective in front of me keeps his poker face “Anyway, you are also right that we are madly in love, but I didn’t killed him. WE didn’t kill him. Besides, you have no evidence on us. Hanna was in the hospital and I stayed with her the whole night.”

“Ms. Peterson was reported sleeping in the hospital because the nurse gave her a sleeping pill herself, so I guess wasn’t capable of doing it. However, my money goes on you. You can sneak out of there anytime.”

“But then the nurse would see that right? How are you going to explain that detective?” I smirk. Then he left the room with his dissatisfied face.


“David, why do you think that it was a murder and not a suicide?”

“Well first of all because our victim, Matt Donavan, sent an email saying that he would revealed Hanna’s and her father’s secrets to the public. It would totally destroys her and her father’s image. Secondly, it was found on the victim’s wrist a tiny piece of tape, and Finn found a used tape dumped on the garbage. We suspects that it was used to tie Matt’s hand so he couldn’t move.”

“Then what’s the relationship with that Alex boy” ask Chris, his subordinate.

“Well they became close after Hanna asked him to track down her stalker. I guess they’re in a relationship now” David explained.

“Well how do you know that?” Chris asked. “Well don’t you see the news? It’s everywhere. Well I also know from the hit and run case that happened 3 days ago to Hanna. That boy was with her the whole time. I had my suspicion” answer David.

Suddenly Finn, from the crime lab, appeared in the room “Boss, I had seen the CSI video that Hanna mentioned and it really look so much alike with our case. I also found out that the blood on the bruise on the victim’s jaw is match with the one on Alex’s ring but the prints on the drug bottle was not Hanna’s, it was Matt’s and an unidentified person”

“Well that means that they are guilty!”

“But that’s not just it boss. I recovered the data on the victim’s laptop and there was a sex video.”

“A video of Hanna and Alex?” David asked.

“No. Of the senator and his mistress” answered Finn “and the tape I found also had his prints on it.”

“Well I guess our case just gets bigger and bigger. Chris! Get a warrant and arrest paper for the senator!” Then Chris went out from the detective office and went to get the papers.

“I guess he watch that TV series with his daughter and get the idea from it.” Said Finn

‘Yeah, it’s funny how technology and their content can entertain and also inspire ones person. A TV show that had a purpose to entertain and add crime knowledge turns out to be a murder inspiration.”

Total Word Count: 987 words


1. Crime Scene Investigation TV Series

2. Hanna Marin character on Pretty Little Liar TV Series

3. Watson name from a mystery novel Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

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