Letter To Older Generations, with Love

Muhammad Farhan


Dear previous generations,

It is about time we, the millennials, apologize. As the generation known as the most spoiled, we must have caused a lot of troubles growing up. The society tells us what to do, and we deny it. We go to the exact opposite direction. And for that, we would like to express our apologies.

Your generation provided a lot with your more experienced individuals. Hitler, bin Laden, and Donald Trump for instances. Sure, they destroyed so many buildings and people using their armed forces and nuclear weapons—well, except for Donald Trump whose aim is only to destroy Hillary Clinton— but they also have provided their creations for the world: Hitler with his splendid, splendid bars of soap; bin Laden with his attempt to secure the world from the West; and Trump with his shallow yet delightful politician feuds he occasionally starts after his presidential campaign began to take off. And all we have is Martin Shkreli, Paris Hilton, and squads of reality TV stars. With so many improvements to our planet earth, we, the millennials would like to state our gratitude to you. Thank you.

It is such a shame that we, the millennials, are still not able to live up to the expectations you have on us, because, clearly, you guys made it all. We’re sorry that we have the tendency to get stuck in front of our cellphone screen instead of going to wars defending our own country; instead of standing in front of pride parades protesting and telling people they’re going to hell; instead of writing notes to the local authorities because my colored maid used my bathroom. We will get better, we promise. In the meantime, please protect us. Protect us from this madness that is social media and equality. Please protect us from freedom of expression and justice. Because, obviously, you have done better in the past with all of your contributions, and without it all, where would we be as a society? Downfall, of course.

We would like to apologize for being so sloppy. Without you, there would be World War III—or WW 3.0, as the millennials would refer—for us to fight in. There would be so many buildings bombed because some of us are capable to destroy those, thanks to Twitter wars and Facebook arguments. I mean, the way I see it, we’re most likely to terrorize another nation into signing a legal agreement. Thanks to you, previous generations, we are able to do so much more, like hunting and condemning other people.

Please forgive us for our narcissism and big ego. Forgive us for sharing our thoughts on Facebook like people would care, uploading videos of us singing on the YouTube as if our voice is pleasant enough to your ears. It’s all on us, to be honest. The existence of Kanye West, Noel Gallagher, and their enormous egos are on us. There’s something wrong with us the promiscuous generation. We have Kim Jong-un for goodness sake. It is not like these egoistic narcissists are some of your faults too. It’s not like Kim Jong-un was nurtured by a man more ill than he is. After all, there is no Kim Jong-sick, Kim Jong-nuts, or Kim Jong-il to take the fall.

Sorry for that time we came home late after attending concerts. We’re not that perfect. We’re not as conservative as you are, and we know that it’s a bad thing. It’s a bad thing not to care about what the neighbors would say. It most certainly is a bad thing to attend music events and to listen to our favorite music through the streaming services more than attending churches, mosques, and temples. Thanks to you guys, we—as a young generation—finally know that this evil behavior will pull us into hell, which by the way, is not that enticing.

Sorry for walking down the streets with our eyes and our hands on our gadget. To tell the truth, we’re just not ready to face the world. If I look up, I can see the buildings that you build. Also, sometimes in a million years, I can see them get destroyed, but that’s beside the point. The point is: we envy the remarkable findings you contribute to our world. We envy that time you want to build walls to divide the US and Mexico, because we’re not that bold. We also envy that time you waste your country’s money on your personal spending. In the end, we’re just gadget-holding peasants whose main goal is to uphold individual freedom and tolerance among society (and be awesome as F).

With all of the madness that we caused, being so humiliating you have to slap us with your version of truth, I would like to say on behalf of every millennial: we’re sorry. We’re sorry that we’re not good enough to you. We’re sorry that all we ever do is to blame you for the Bushes, the Hitlers, the Trumps, and the Mussolinis. We’re very sorry that we keep blaming you for turning our planet earth into this huge chunk of ear wax. Sorry for being such a messy, self-centered generation whose addictions are Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. Sorry for not going to wars defending our country, and staying in our room laughing and enjoying our friends’ Snapchat story. After all, we’re just a generation whose life intention is only to be happy superficially.

With love,

The Millenials.



Word count: 908

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