Internet: Illegal Downloading of Songs

Yuzar Adetya Putra Ramadhan

The cyberspace is called Internet, comprehensive network without borders and knows no time. Internet history began in August 1962 and the creation of the Internet was first raised by J.C.R Licklider of MIT (Massachutts Institute of Technology.) He argued about the global network that enables people to access data and programs from anywhere.

In 1990, the World Wide Web (WWW) released by CERN in Geneva, Switzerland. Tim Berner Lee invented the Hypertext Markup Laungage or abbreviated HTML that use URL for addressing Web. HTML is a language used to compose WEB. In 1991 NSFNET refurbished with 44Mbps speed. Connections include 100 countries and involving more than 600,000 hosts and approximately 5,000 network. In 1992 the network has exceeded the number of 7,500 pieces and the number of computers connected to as many as 1,000,000. At that time, the audio and video start on the internet. 3,000 page addresses grown and developed in 1994 which created the Yahoo! search engine. Allows other computer users globally are looking for something that they need.

Music is a powerful thing. It is one of many things on this planet that almost everyone enjoys without reservation. Everyone has a favorite genre of music, some even love it all. Whether its country, blues, rock, hip hop, R&B, pop, or any mixture of them all, music gives people an outlet to express their creativity and share their passion with others.

Then, what’s the point? We live in the digital era that internet is our primary requirement. As technology has been developing, internet is also developing. Technology of the internet has given us much easiness. Some artists helped with the development of internet. They can inform and promote their songs in seconds. They feel like their songs will spread more expansive. We can download anywhere and anytime, as long as we have the internet connection. There are so many websites that we could download legally or illegally, such as iTunes, BitTorrent, mp3skull, etc. Nevertheless, do you feel like artists especially musicians are helped with the way we download? There are so many artists are annoyed or even to illegal downloading.

Downloading free songs is one of easiness with the internet. However, this act has raised controversy. Some people said that downloading free songs from internet is illegal. Then what is the meaning of illegal download? The definition of illegal download is downloading from sites that do not cooperate with the production company to distribute it officially. Sites that multiply or reproduce or well-called copyright of the data from the original products are widely distributed endlessly into its sites. There is no asking permission in writing prior to the company or do not read the warnings contained therein. It can be in the form of an amateur site that duplicates files illegally to the web without specifying source of the files.

Some people have thousands excuses why they download free songs from internet. The controversy itself has raised my interest to give an opinion. Thus, after reviewing reasons from people who are pros and cons, I against the act of downloading free songs from internet.

A legal song is very cheap. Averagely, a song just costs a dollar on iTunes, even on other shop it costs below a dollar. However, people still refuse, seek an excuse and said “the real artist is there for art not for money.” This argument is illogical. Artists have to pay the bills and promote themselves, so they also need money. Thus, there is no excuse to download it illegally. The quality of songs from iTunes is better on BitTorrent or other illegal site. Songs from iTunes have quality audio 256 Kbps. If you download from an illegal site, such as BitTorrent, you would get untrustworthy songs with 128 kbps because the songs are compressed. Then some link where you download illegal songs also gave you viruses. I rather pay a dollar than get a bad quality song that comes with virus.

Downloading songs illegally is a crime. Artists sell music for money and we download it without their permission, so logically it is stealing. Would you go into a music shop and steal an album? Of course no. Then why we do the same while online? Music industries and artists could stop producing new songs. Definitely, nobody wants this to be happened. However this could be happened if music were no longer producing money. Some artists also would not have motivation to produce new song because they were not paid. I rather pay a dollar than artists/music industries stop producing new songs.

Let me say there no excuse not to buy good quality legal songs. It comes with many advantages. Only costs a dollar per song and you could save the existence of music industries and artists. While, buying low quality pirated songs could break your gadget because it comes with viruses. Then, there is no reason not to buy it legally.

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