Gadget as a Lifestyle

Azrina Abharini

At this time, information technology plays an important role. By mastering information technology, we have sufficient capital to be the winners in the global competition. At this time if we cannot master the technology, it is the same as we are illiterate. The ability of information technology in delivering the message is considered very large. At this time, the young generation of Indonesia was already familiar with the name of the technology and all of the equipment. Children from primary school are also already equipped with the knowledge of technology. School students on average dominate accounts in social media. Actually, the technology was created to facilitate us in living our daily lives. Moreover, in the present era, the development of technology has advanced with rapidly. Progress made on this technology is the case that we should look critically to pay attention to all the impacts that will occur. Therefore, we must be able to think critically before accepting a particular technology. One example of such technology is a Smartphone and a tablet computer that is a gadget which is currently in demand and most used ones.

The use of tablets and smartphones not only by adults, but children also has been wearing that. They usually use the gadget to browse or to access social media sites. Gadgets that have been integrated with social networking sites and text messaging indeed brought the world into our grasp. Only by accessing social network sites or others, we can meet with millions of people from all over the world. In addition, we can get information at a glance. Whereas in the prior before there are the gadgets, our life seemed quiet. It seems the need to communicate and build self-existence in the virtual world has never been so urgent. But different with now tough the technology is part of our lives. If our gadgets are left at the home, as if we are isolated from the association and information.

Actually most of the use of gadgets in society only as a lifestyle alone because they use gadgets just follows the trend without they know what the function of the features in the gadget. For example such as the teenagers, if every new gadget to appears, they always want to buy it so that they look more modern than their friends without they are know what the function of the features in the gadget itself. If we continue to buy the gadget on every brand new gadget appears without suit our needs, it can be made redundant and wasteful. But it is always ignored by the people because they are just thinking that if their gadgets are nice, it means they can be accepted in their environment. This is resulted that there is style of consumerism in society.

As part of a community-oriented consumerism, teenagers also fulfill their needs with consumption activities. However in the fact they consume something is not in functional terms, but they see on growing trends. The concrete example, there is the iPhone trends among the teenager today. They prefer iPhone than other smartphone brands. When viewed from the functional, another smartphone brands have the same functions and usability with the iPhone even some more sophisticated. Viewed from this, they choose the IPhone than other smartphone brands because they feel validated when purchasing the goods with famous brands. That’s why the teenagers todays tend to embrace consumerism behavior.

In addition to above, there is the impact of the use of gadgets constantly that could be dangerous for users, especially for those who are already addicted to gadgets. If someone is already entangled with their gadgets and they cannot be separated from the object though briefly, they will be difficult to live in a real life such as chatting. The attention of gadget addict will only be drawn to the virtual world and even, if they are separated by these gadgets, they will feel uneasy. According to the psychologist, if someone is addicted to gadgets, it can cause interference in communicating verbal in direct communication in society. So with the gadget, communication between humans is rarely used because they are only focus with their gadgets.

The use of gadgets in the community has been very hard to control especially with highly modern era requires us to be more advanced. With the existence of gadget in society, making them easy to find information with a very speedy and also makes it easier to make new friends. But the use of gadgets in society currently only as lifestyles are causing there is style of consumerism among them. In addition, the use of a gadget continuously that could endanger because if they had dependent on these objects, they are difficult to take it off and it can causes difficulties to interact in the real world.


Word count: 800 words

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