Experiencing Life

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I went to college because I could not get into the military. “You are still too young to be a part of the army, kid, if you’re still interested, come back here next September.” Said a big-nosed sergeant. Pretending to be fine, I smiled, thanked him, and walked out of the room. I thought two months were not going to be a big deal but I was wrong, after all the training that I had done for years they rejected me because I was not old enough. As I rode my motorcycle back home, I kept talking to myself if that was just impossible. I meant to say that I always got the chances to understand everything that would be taught in the six-month-training better like the others, right? I was sure I could run as fast as or even faster than another participants, do academic tests better than them, then what was wrong with being too young? That was supposed to make me even greater. What were they thinking? They did not even let me to take the test and that was just unbelievable.

On the following weekend, one of my high school friends asked if I was interested to go to one of the nearest beach. A vacation might would do good to get rid of that military stuff out of my mind, so I agreed. That would sound childish but that was a cool way to get rid of my madness, instead of doing such crazy thing like punching the walls like I usually did, this one was much better. We gathered at a filling station in the morning before the sun started to shine. It took us 5 hours to get there but it was like a price that we had got to pay to see those blue glowing waves though the sun seemed to hate us there. On the evening when we were having dinner, I shared story about how I got rejected from military, everybody laughed. I unconsciously yelled at them. They did not know how it felt like, and when I almost lost my temper, one of them calmed me down and persuaded me why was it worth the laugh. He said “It is very big for you but not for others, you got to accept that we are not the same, I have been through the same thing. I tried my best just to be accepted in a marine engineering major but I fail because I did not know that I was color-blind. That was sad, but the fact that it does not happen to everybody is what makes it funny. Everybody’s got their cross to bear these days, bro.” I thought that was very nice of him for saying those words.

Two days has passed since the day I went for vacation. I said to myself again that I did not want to wait for another year just to be in the military, so I took a college placement test. The test would be held in a month. At first, I did not know what I was going to I chose archaeology because I thought it would be funny to learn about fossils, they have lived a thousand years ago yet I could identify just by seeing it later, was not it amazing?

The day has come, I could not believe that the math questions would be very difficult. I could only answer 3 over 15 questions, and that really was not a good sign for going to college. I did not know what else to do, so I just answered as much as I could and took a nap. The supervisor said that the result would be posted on the internet at 8 p.m. next week. So I waited and in the meant time “They accepted me! Oh my God! You really don’t want me to go to the military do you? yeaaay. Answered 3 math questions and got accepted, man! That was not as hard as my military training.” I screamed like I was a ten-years-old when my father bought me a sony playstation.

I had to move and live all by myself because the university that I had chosen located in another town. The people were just so different which meant I had so much to learn such as their languages, their manners, and many more. It might sound simple but it actually did not. Many students did not care about their environment, they did not care about the people around them, they did not even say “excuse me” or smile when they passed the locals. I used to observed someone who lived near my boarding house. He was so boring, stayed inside his room all day, sent a text when he wanted to get some food to be delivered to his room, asked his friends to come over instead of going out. I was like “Did not he wanna go out or something?” It seemed like his laptop and cellphone were all he needed to be connected to his God “the internet”.

In my senior year of college, I was sick of sitting in front of my laptop, staying up all nights doing my final assignment. Everything seemed so loud that I could not concentrate at day and went for the night work or I would never done it. That kind of lifestyle gave back pain so I looked for a friend that could help me to do some aesthetic moves to reduce the pain that I felt. Furthermore, only in senior year in college you would see your friends graduated one by one, they would be gone and if you did not finish your assignment as soon as possible, you would be left alone.

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