[Essay] Facebook As a Social Media That is Widely Used

Enriko Lumban Tobing

Communication is an important thing in life. Without communication, we cannot know someone or make a relation with other people. Everyday we talk to other people to tell something, wherever we are, such as at home, at the college, at the workplace, and at the shopping place. Even someone who cannot speak always find any other way to communicate with others or trying to convey whatever that person wants, and it is the proof that we live cannot be separated from communication. In the era of globalization, there are many ways to communicate with other people. To communicate from a long distance, people are not only using a phone or letter, but people can also communicate through the internet. Because on the internet there are many social media, one of them is Facebook.

Facebook is a social media that is often used by many people. The more we use a social media, the less we use a letter to communicate from a long distance. People in the 21st century would be familiar with social media, even many mobile phones nowadays can be used to open Facebook, because of technological advances. Almost everyday Facebook be used by users. Even users are not only use it to communicate with the people who are known, but also with people who are not known. One of the advantages of Facebook is we can communicate with people who have never known us or meet us before. On Facebook, we are free to add anyone as a friend, no matter we know that person or not. Sometimes, Facebook users have many friends in social media, but they are not necessarily know those friends.

Besides can be used as a communication device, Facebook can also be used to sell many items, such as gadget and clothes, both are items that frequently sold in online business. Many people are promoting their merchandise on Facebook. It is easy because we can upload any photos. We are not only can upload a photo of ourselves, even we can use a photo of our merchandise as a profile picture. This is what makes Facebook users are so many, that social media is very different than email or Short Message Service, a communication device in every mobile phone. Nowadays, Short Message Service is rarely used than social media. By Facebook, we can also share an information, for example if we joined a community or organization, we can create a group and invite our friends to join that group, and then we share the information, such as meeting or create an event. Thus, the information will spread quickly.

There are many people who use the internet to play games. Playing online games become a hobby for some people. Even those who often play games, many of them play it until forget the time, especially in internet café. So, there are many internet café that open until late at night. Nowadays, playing games can also be on Facebook. Facebook users can invite their friends to playing games together. The games are not boring, and make people want to know. If there is someone who does not have a game on his computer or laptop, that person can search many games on Facebook. Those games are frequently played than many games in mobile phone.

Besides having many advantages, Facebook also has some disadvantages or negative side. On Facebook we can write a status, upload a photo, and share a link or video. All of that can be seen by anyone who becomes a friend, and every friends can give a comment. So, do not let what we post is something offensive or disappointing. For example, sometimes we have a problem with someone that makes us upset, we should not write a status on Facebook that contains a ridicule for that person. Anyone who see that could consider us as a bad person. It is the abuse of social media. We could be prosecuted for defaming. Our problem with someone should be discussed in private. Mocking someone on social media is only add the problem. It is not the best solution to solve a problem.

Every time we use a social media, we always enter an email address or username and password. Password is an important thing that must be kept. Do not let anyone know our password. As mentioned before, that on social media we can write a status which can be read by our friends. If someone knows our password, than person can hack our Facebook. He or she could use our Facebook to write a status and anyone who saw that status thought who write the status is us. Sometimes, there are Facebook users that their Facebook have been hacked by unknown person, then the hacker changes the password. It is better if we change the password once a month, and do not forget to log out the Facebook after finished using it.

Facebook users are not only young people and adults. Nowadays, many children also become users. Children usually like to play games. They can search many games in Facebook and play it until be addicted. Parents do not like if their children had been addicted to playing games. Because it makes children become lazy to study. We realize that education is an important thing to achieve the future. If the enthusiasm for study is reduced, children will be difficult to get a good education.

We should not abusing the social media. Social media, especially Facebook should be used for their intended use. Do not using Facebook to do negative thing like mocking someone. Do not let anyone hack our Facebook, and do not playing games until being addicted. We should realize that as a social media, Facebook is useful for communication device.

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My experience as a Facebook user

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