[Article] The Rise of Young Entrepreneurs

Fitri Fadhilah Sumiarsa

Despite of being labeled as a bad generation that entitled lazy, narcissistic and addicted to social media, I believe this generation are also full of creativity. One of the things that become trend in the world especially in Indonesia is starting own business in young age. The reduced employment opportunities afforded by companies and rising cost of living mean that we need to re-evaluate our future prospects. Some people think finding a job in someone else’s company will be more difficult than having one on our own. Moreover this generation is supported with all the sophisticated technology that makes literally everything simpler, easier and more economical. Now people don’t need to have much money to start business. We can even manage ‘company’ in one cellphone.

Creative innovations has been rapidly rising for the past five years, it can be seen in how varied kinds of product or services that young people offer nowadays. They compete each other to be the best. They provided new innovations in fashion, culinary or even new things that never exist in previous generation. And these young entrepreneurs use internet especially social media to promote their product to consumer who are also young people. Social media or Internet marketing empower small business to reach potential customers. For internet-based business, the ability to rapidly spread information is key to successful marketing. Instagram for instance, it become one of the places for promotion, not just post photos of theirs but many people use it to promote their brand. In the past 3 years, photo sharing has become an increase popular method of social sharing. According to TNS 22 million people in Indonesia use instagram and 59% of them are between ages 18-24. Iconosquare’s 2015 Instagram study also shows that 70% of IG users report having already looked up a brand on the platform. Instagram helps convert passive shoppers into confident customers.

There are some popular type of business that young entrepreneur run nowadays:

– Culinary business, culinary is not something new in Indonesia but food or beverage they offer has an improvement. These young businessman try new innovation on food every year. There are even popular favors for young people such as green tea, red velvet, taro and oreo

– Fashion business, it is one of the promising business in 2016 because it is very challenging and demanding for small business, and even more so for those who are led by women. A successful fashion business focus on the unique selling proportion of the products and on the differentiation from competitors. Now there are available hundreds of fashion brand on the internet.

– Art and craft business, this kind of business is for people who turn their passion in art to money maker. One of my favorite account in Instagram is @buddybooks, they provide custom notebook with extraordinary cover. Their consumer target are students. With just using Instagram to promote and LINE to accept orders now their followers has become 53 thousand and it keep increasing. Not only Internet but these young entrepreneur also take advantage of an event like graduation. As a college student they realize that graduation moment is potential target for business. They sell many product such as flowers, painting, or a balloon. It is somehow become new trends in college student to give a present to their friends or family on graduation day.

Become an entrepreneur in a young age surely is tempting. It gives lots of benefits more than just extra money. Being an entrepreneur means we learn by doing so people who start business early, has more things to learn. As a business owner, even a small one, we have the ability to set our own wage and make an investment in our own company. It is a fact that being an entrepreneur earn much more money and faster than being a typical employee especially when our business grow rapidly. Another benefit of being entrepreneur in young age especially if we are still in school is practice about money and time management. Working while study can be a challenge for student entrepreneur to learn how to manage money. We will be more careful to spend our money that we earn. We will realize that it takes a lot time and effort to make a living, and this experience will enrich us with confidence to face the vicissitudes of life.

Furthermore, being a young entrepreneur will develop several skills that might be useful in the future. First, Teamwork, While doing business in real life we will face different people from different background, education and experience and they might be required to work together as a team so the business can run well. Young entrepreneur will realize how to compromise with other colleagues when situation comes. Second is leadership, being an entrepreneur means that we lead our own business. We have the opportunity to participate in designing our own learning and are motivated to think, plan, and act as entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship encourages students to manage people and how to be a good leader. Third, organizational and multi-tasking skills. Having another activity or maybe run more than one company teach young people to become well-organized. We have to put everything in right order and has to be careful with work. Doing two different things together needs a lot of effort, if a person do both of their responsibility very well, it means they have good multi-tasking skill. Being a young entrepreneur also molds a student into an independent, focused and determined young worker

For all of these benefits and many examples of successful young entrepreneurs, no wonder young entrepreneurship has become new trends in this generation. Young entrepreneur will help the economy. The importance of young entrepreneurship has been widely recognized as an impulse to economic growth in a country. Youth Entrepreneurship creates employment opportunities for youth as well as the other young people they employ. It is true that a young people can develop technology or launch a business that can transform an entire industry and define a generation.


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