[Research Finding] Women Obsession to Have White Skin

Cinthia Nurmaulani

I still do not understand why some women like whiteness instead of blackness. Why white skin seems to be good?
“I want facial whitening.”
“What cream you use? I want to be like you. ”
“Ah, the sun can blacken my skin.”
“Does the soap make my skin white?”

Some women worry about dark skin; thus, they tend to lighten their color of the skin by consulting to doctors, beautician, or only buying cream. I have seen many women use skin whitening cream and their skin became thin and turn red while it is exposed to sunlight. At these years, many girls have light face skin but the rest of their body are still dark. Some of them say that they are pretty with their white face skin and they are very confident with that.

Why many women are ashamed of having dark skin? Why having dark skin seems no more beautiful?

Today, many cosmetic products is promising to brighten body skin and many women really do not like black skin. Many of them do anything to have white or even whiter skin without seeing at prices. This makes women do not mind spending their lots of money on. However, many women do not know what the products which are safe for them.

Winda, a beautician, says that most patients coming to her beauty skin care ask skin whitening facial than other kinds of treatments. Furthermore, Nia, another beautician, says that many women seek cream that can remove acne at short times.
“Skin creams with high levels of mercury identified quicker to kill the bacteria that cause acne. That’s why some creams make women get rid of acne only about two days.”
“Actually, the maximum color skin equal to that of the hand. But some women still force themselves to change their skin color. There are success to be whiter, and some are even destroy their face.”
Why many black women truly risk their lives for getting lighter skin?

Good skin is not only about white but soft, clean, free of pimples, blackheads and pockmarks. Unfortunately, many women prefer to whiten their face rather than clean acnes. Some people believe that white face skin is really revered and having acnes is not as big problems as having dark skin. Many women try many products to do so. They try from one product to another. They even buy new products when the previous products have not been used up. Getting informed that new products from other countries are launched, they want to attempt it. Sometimes, having a lot of money, women buy cosmetic products at high prices. Having no much money, they buy products at low prices.
“I went along to buy a new product A. I wish my face would be whiter. But I apparently got spot and acne. A lot. I was a complete mess.” Winda said that such a destroyed skin seriously needs to be incurred and it will be much greater at costs.

I find some women are bored with their cosmetics. It is not about how much they pay but how well their cosmetics affect to their skin; they get darker or get whiter. If they get darker, they leave it. If they get whiter, they want to be whiter over and over again. They know to which they are addicted to. They cannot stop from having desire to be white women. Many women buy bleaching that is illegal today. A person, whom I know, usually asks each woman who has white face skin. She follows what the woman says. From time to time, she gets many spots at her entire face.

Vivi told me that once Hani, her friend, had dark skin. When Vivi met Hani, Vivi saw that Hani’s skin color had changed. Hani’s hand skin and face were very white and glow. Wanting to know the reason, Vivi asked.
“Skin whitening injection. Many people do that” Hani said.

The negative side effects of skin whitening injection is ‘can cause damage to the kidneys’ Nia says. She also says that skin whitening injection may aggravate stomach disorder due to acid content. In fact, many women enter some skin whitening treatments for being injected without thinking of the effects and the dangers but their obsession with white skin, and they are proud to be. That means, the whiteness they get is not necessarily signify that their skin and their internal body organs are still healthy.

Having gained recognition from some people, I’m not so sure anymore with white women. Many women become cream-users and force themselves to have white or whiter skin by injecting. They still do it although they are at risk to fail. However, it is personal decision and not all white women get their color skin because they try to bleach it.



– Winda Nurfithri. She is a beautician. She lives at Lembur Tengah No. 25 Sumedang Utara.

– Nia. She is a beautician. She lives at Perumahan Villa Mutiara Blok G1 No. 07 Bogor.

– Vivi. She is a college student. She lives in Banten. The interviews were on 01 May 2016.

Word count: 800 words

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