[Memoir] Next Generation Will be Better from My Generation

Ester Magdalena

I’ve lived for 19 years. That is 19 years I have a lot to see, feel, passing a lot of time in my life. Every day there are always new things that I did not realize slowly changing as well as our physical growth. Whether their height, weight, endurance, is not the same as when we were kids. Not just physically, mindset and life experiences we undergo significant changes and developments. Over time, I realized how much time the future I do not find in this period anymore. For example, during which time we play with people around us without knowing gadgets and habit of staring at the mobile phone screen and shut himself playing himself in places particular. I remember, when I was in elementary school, I fill my days playing with friends, no matter the scorching sun makes the hair to smell burnt, or accomplice our dirty because of playing ground, or when we fall into a ditch, or climbing trees, or play the rain without fear of pain, and many exciting memories in childhood. Things that I discussed above refers to present there are many things that can’t be found again in this period. That is, what happened to my generation, is vastly different from the current generation. However, childhood above is just a small part of the problem of the generation that I see.

There are many things that bothers me lately. Where the already tenuous family relationships, manners in society is not in care again, or means of communication is already very bad. Selfish already become a common thing.

My live in this generation. Generation where we can get everything we want just using a gadget. We can do anything just with the gadget. Technology facilitates everything. Honestly, I am grateful to live in this generation though many make us concerned in many respects.

What happened in my generation right now? I will start from the basics.

Change begins when the technology is becoming more sophisticated. When changing times make every things becomes more complex. Human become smarter to create something new, discover new innovations to easier the human’s work, making everything good that instant daily work, to food also created be almost instantaneous. Every day there are many new things we found. Humans getting smarter. Humans increasingly genius human is getting more advanced. That’s what happened.

Communication tools of today is very different from my parent era about communication device. When they were young, the easiest tool to use is a letter. Letters become the only way of communication for us that away from those we love. Later expands with telephone, fax, and cellphone. Mobile is also experiencing growth began with its use limited only to call without wires, send short message. But today, mobile switching functions are often called smartphones. It has a very important role that we unknowingly become a primary need for every human being in this era. With have smartphone, we can do everything easily and quickly.

The food is also experiencing growth. We were used to it must cultivate something food also experiencing growth. We formerly had to cultivate something hard such as grinding peppers, or onions, or squeeze an orange, or cook using firewood, now our generation does not have to spend a lot of time to think about these things. There is already a blender to grind chilies, onion peeler to peel the onion, gas stoves and electric stoves for cooking. Those things are very helpful daily work even when we do not have time to cook, we just ordered fast food is fast, comfortable and not have to wait long. Or foods such as instant noodles, instant food or other very many in the market.

In the education, when teachers or our parents tell their experiences when going to school, I am aware of and grateful that I did not need to feel what they feel. They had to be painstakingly find a school, books, teachers and stationery. They also must seek knowledge with difficulty. I am of course not fell it. I get to school, getting books with ease, I acquire knowledge easily not only using books, websites that we found on the internet is also very easy to get as a science.

Along with the development, the development of lifestyle and mindset are also growing. System or the way of life also changed. Humans prefer things that are instant and complex. Though many risks that we must pay attention to good health, as well as to mental. The sophistication of the gadget makes us lazy and have a higher level of dependence. Easy access to something to make people even children nowadays one of the technology. Early mature also occur as a result of technological progress.

I do not know what will happen next is generated or worsen the present situation is getting better? We find the answer by now that we have the same culture would create a filter for any kind of progress. As a conscious generation, I hope we will repair the damage today by using and putting all the power in place. For example, do not allow children to use the gadget in vain, in order to avoid excessive wear that causes mental apathetic and lazy or use of such tools in the wrong place. Together we pay attention to our generation. Do not let the fear by Albert Einstein that, man becomes creepy. One more thing that scares me is that people will increasingly clever, can create everything, lost faith in the Lord and considers himself as God. Because human beings feel they no longer need God because humans can invent everything. We should recall that all we get, science, intelligence, all comes from Him. Let us grateful and keep going the right way and be grateful for all His gifts.



Word count : 972 words

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