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Yesterday 09:43 PM


Written by: Dr. Mangku Pondasi Ekorbiawakum, S.Kum, M.Ah, B.Au

My generation consists of OVERFLOWING SELF-ESTEEM. They see beauty in both ways. One according to their followers’ counts, the other accounts their eye candy blinding filters. People voice their depiction of what they see over a cup of meaningless coffee talks. Something like “O, how lucky! She’s so cute and her boyfriend is so sweet it clenches my sweet tooth!” “Oh my God! They got married last week didn’t they? Did you take a look on their pre-wed stills? I would die to be in her position!” Yeah, stuff like that.

My generation is good at FAKING HAPPINESS. Plastering all that smiles proclaiming their well-being and how good their lives are just to pull that envious faces off their dummies. Bragging. Proud. Loud. What else? You name it.

My generation disregards the art of EFFORT. It’s just so easy living by the godly Ctrl+C plus Ctrl+V. Bang. They got through that paper stuff. They got those likes they got those fake followers. They have no idea the hardship old people went through in order to get that rice on their bowls cooked. All they know are you could get that huge bag of rice calling up the nearest engkoh beras and get their mamas cook it for them. They don’t know THE ART OF PATIENCE on waiting your favorite music on your radio. Man, they will never know.

My generations got a huge motivation to be a GROWN UP. Middle schoolers be dolling themselves up like some grown twenty five year old mademoiselles. They act, think and watch adults stuff so it can just be said that they are mentally older than their physical ages.

My generation put so much about THE PRESENTATIONS, THE LOOKS. Thugs won’t rob your old mushy bag containing some multi-million worth stuffs once you dress like one, the thugs. That flirtatious department store woman will still gonna doubt or grant you her most suspicious gaze when you pick some overpriced sweaters ensuring you really got the bills to chime on that golden thing unless you provide extra sass and doll yourself up with luxuriously thrifty clothes wrapped by some fake branded handbags.

My generation is VERY ANALYTIC AND EXTREMELY CRITICAL. They write a bunch of words cursing at their own generation posting those essay-like righteous speeches, ranting over some of the very over-talked discussion posts with comment wars going on, doing their all trying to sound so freaking smart, busies themselves tackling people down for actually voicing their own thoughts. And that stopped at arguing, bringing up their pride bragging about and pressing on their views according to their oh-so smart arguments. Seeking for acceptance and going over all the itching urge of being right because they think they are. And don’t forget the critical ones. They spam all over the cyber world with a hodgepodge of dummy articles from God Knows who or where they got them, digesting fake stuffs that beg for trillion likes and the iconic “amen” comments below.

My generation is all INTERNET BLABBER and all people-to-people awkward. All that rage they put upon those keyboards will have long gone once they are asked to discuss face to face, staring at each other’s eyes waiting for someone to finally break the silence and say something out of their drying empty mouth. All those smart talks were just… talks. The outcome is hardly ever seen, something further out of those are probably still non-existent. Ooh, you smart fella! That’s exactly what I’m doing, isn’t it? Ranting and doing nothing about it. Perhaps, I reallyam my generation. However, congratulations! Here’s a Nobel Prize for you.

My generation is the one that BRING THINGS DOWN THE HILL. WAIT, NO. There are LOADS OF POSITIVITIES of my generation being left hanging out there. Medias keep spreading all the bad news and criminality all over the place. So my generation are all fed and pampered with negativity and negativity only. We stay still, surrounded by the fast-paced world with monstrous amount of attacks from many directions. Westerns. Asians. We embrace all the waves seeping through our so-called originality. “It is for the sake of us to make a change” they say. Come to think of it, all we have been doing was follow… wasn’t it? Yes, fella. I am asking you, what the hell has changed?

It is really nothing new to have various people arguing about different views and different thoughts. Thus, what good would it bring out of the scripted cheap black tint over the shimmering white papers of the silent youths? After all, this is merely just a note of a twenty year old girl trying to live at peace and be peaceful to her surroundings. Regardless of how hard it rains outside, I am still the one you choose to ignore.


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=People on my LINE timeline

=>>I’ve seen some people rant about their generation excluding themselves like it’s not their own. So I tried to make a “really good” example of it.

=>>Most of them tend to spread baseless information and other people’s opinions without permission.

=>>The format of this writing follows the format of LINE’s timeline and took after names of some LINE@ accounts that are most often shared and liked by my LINE friends (Pr******holics and All **o** L**e). Offensive remarks and capslock intended.

=People I overheard were gossiping about some Instagram celebs while I was having my peaceful solitary lunch.

=Opinions from my high school friends Intan and Nita. (about looking older and the instant generation)

=My own experience. (the department store woman one)

=My own biased opinions. (mostly all are my take on what I’ve seen in social medias nowadays)

Word count: 840 words

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