Ancient Game vs Modern Game

Mega Puspita Pandiangan

In this essay I will tell you about the comparison between the game times of the 90s with the game today. In modern times the youth more activities via mobile phones. With the mobile phone, users easy to find information, communicate with others and to entertain themselves every day. With the mobile phone users can also play without having to go out and looking for a playmate.

According to Wikipedia, the history of games dates to the ancient human past. Games are an integral part of all cultures and are one of the oldest forms of human social interaction, whereas an online game is a video game that is either partially or primarily played through the internet or another computer. From the meaning given by Wikipedia, it is clear that the ancient games might refer to a game that uses imagination and direct physical activity, while the online games more refers to indirect physical activity.

The game is something that is very close to the children in the generation of the 1990s. In those days, children and adolescents tend to spend more time to play various types of toys that were once very ancient. Ancient games or manual game that usually they played is Hide and Seek, Jump rope, Hopscotch, Ludo, Monopoly, Marbles game, etc. There are also games that they play through the computer. But even though they use the computer to play, nonetheless it was called ancient, because this types of game is still small and not very modern. Games that exist in ancient times tend to do outside the home, thus requiring the children to play with hands and feet were dirty.

Unlike the games that exist in this day and age, where all done by online. By holding their gadgets, they can play different types of games without having to use your hands or feet were dirty. With this online game, players just set up the gadget and also mobile data sufficient to be able to easily access the applications you want to play. Users also didn’t need to play out of the house with their friends.

Every gadget that we have, of course having a program that allows us to download various game applications. This program is usually called the “Playstore or Appstore”. The games applications offered by the program provider are also very diverse, ranging from ancient game that has been developed up to the modern game. In the applications they provide, we can rediscover the ancient games that have not we play. With creative ideas, they changed the ancient game look and play a different way. Through this game we can play itself without having to find a team we like when we were children. For examples of ancient manual games that we can find in the Playstore or Appstore is Ludo, Chess, Scrabble and Monopoly. In the days of the 1990s, these games can only be played manually by several people, in contrast with the current that can be played by one person only holding our gadgets.

With the application is granted by the Playstore and AppStore children and adolescents in this age can also enjoy various types of new games, and of course very different from the ancient game. We know that not only the manual ancient game that provided by the playstore and appstore, modern games also can be uploaded there. The new games include Angry bird, Clash of Clans, DOTA, Get Rich, Pou, Fifa Ultimate Team, Puzzle, Real Racing, Despicable Me, Top Eleven, Candy Crush Saga, etc.

Some of the new game is developed by mimicking the existing play on the manual old game. For example, the game Get Rich is almost the same as how to play Monopoly, where players must collect as much treasure as possible to become rich.

Various creativity is also a lot owned by this generation. They often use the condition of the environment to develop the creativity they have. An example is the famous Round Tofu (Tahu Bulat) in community, serve as game applications especially enjoyed lately.

From the old manual type of games and modern games that I discussed above, looks a very significant difference between the both. The difference among them is the number of players, how to play and also objects used. In general, existing games in ancient times was played by more than one person, whereas now it can usually be played by one person only. The objects used in the play is also different. Ancient game normally use the land, marbles, rubber or board to play, and usually played in the field, in front of a home as well as paddy fields. While at this time, since the online game exist, the children and adolescents just having an android mobile phones and also pulses are sufficient, are able to enjoy all the games anything they want to play.

We know that in this era, the children and adolescents prefer to play modern games on their gadgets, compared with playing outside the house with their friends. At this time the parents also tend to provide modern facilities for their children to be able to play without having to go out of the house.





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