[Review] The Majestic Beauty Item

Dhia Nada Nabila

Makeup has been all the craze this past couple of years amongst everybody in the world. No matter if you are a teenager or an adult, Asian or American, female or some creative male who likes to express themselves, makeup is the big trend. As a female myself, I consider that makeup is my kryptonite. My addiction towards makeup is so bad, that I have starved myself just to save up for the new eye shadow palette from that famous cosmetic brand. With the many interesting makeup products being produced to the world, making our consumptive-self hungry for more stuff to own whether it is important or not. Not only makeup products are evolving, many celebrities starting to show more interest with makeup. Since those celebrities have the money, they are able to hire the best makeup artists that can create their signature look and learn how to do it themselves, making their client fell in love with makeup. One prime example of this case is the famous makeup junkie, Kylie Jenner.

Although I have said before that adults also loves makeup, but I think especially from what I have seen in Indonesia, teenagers in my generation does dominate the makeup world. Having Kylie Jenner as our role model in the beauty world, due to the fact that she is still a teenager, many teenagers aspire to be just like her. At least, makeup-wise. My generation has turned into the imitation version of Kylie Jenner. People wanted to do their makeup just like her, from her big pouty lips, people started this thing called “The Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge” where they had a shot glass over their lips, then suck all the air inside of it to make their lips swell. The things teenagers my ages do to imitate the lips of their idols.

In the past year, Kylie Jenner, the multi millionaire teenager who is famous for her family, the royal family of reality TV, has launched a cosmetic range consisting of matte liquid lipsticks, metallic liquid lipsticks, and lip glosses; which are best known for “Kylie lip kit.” “Kylie Cosmetics” is an online-based shop, which makes it not as accessible as any makeup that is sold in stores. At first, she came out with three matte liquid lipsticks called Dolce K, Candy K, and True Brown K. Even with only just three products, these products were sold out almost instantly in just about 30 seconds during the first launch last November 2015. Everybody who loves makeup has been crazy over it and just has been dying to get their hands on the products. Some lucky people who were able to buy the products during the first launch took it to eBay and open a bid to resell the liquid lipsticks. The bid was offered to up to ten thousand dollars. That goes to show how prestigious it is to have the lip kit.

Ever since the first launch, Kylie cosmetics has launched many more color to her matte liquid lipstick range. After Dolce K, Candy K, and True Brown K, she came out with Kourt K, Posie K, Mary Jo K, Koko K, 22, and Exposed. The matte liquid lipsticks came in a set with a matching lip liner for 29 USD. With the overwhelming success throughout the sales of the matte liquid lipsticks, Jenner expands her brand and adding lip gloss to the mix. The lip glosses Like, Literally, and So Cute, are named from the words she personally uses a lot herself. During the music festival season around the month of May, Jenner added a new kind of lipstick. It is her metallic liquid lipsticks, King K, Heir, Reign, and the newest boldest color she had ever came out with, Majesty. The lip glosses are sold for 15 USD and as for the metallic liquid lipsticks are sold for 18 USD. With all of these prices quite affordable for a very famous person to launch it, making this products sold out in less than an hour every single time the brand had done a restock

As for the quality, there is no doubt that a person as highly as Kylie Jenner will come out with an amazing products. Turns out, hundreds and hundreds of review came after the first launch of the products and every single person who reviewed it raves about how amazing the quality of the products are. The review does not stop there, every single color to the collection; also every product Kylie has ever came out with resulting in every single person who owns it wanting to share the world how amazing the quality of the products are. From what I had seen in reviews from the best beauty vloggers to the best makeup artist, it can be concluded that the matte liquid lipsticks are very opaque in color, smells very nice, the formula is not drying at all, the pigment spread very easily, and the formula is very thin so it does not feels heavy on the lips. The reviewer even called the matte liquid lipsticks as the best matte liquid lipsticks there are on the market. Along with that, the lip glosses formula are also the best formula any lip glosses could be. It is not sticky, the color is very opaque, and for a lip gloss, it has a very good lasting power on the lips. The metallic liquid lipsticks are also amazing as so what I concluded from the many reviews. Yet again, the colors are very opaque, goes on smooth on the lips with a thin consistency, has a good lasting power on the lips, and not drying; although it does not claimed to be a matte liquid lipstick. All and all the formula of the products is not disappointing.

Unfortunately with all of the success comes a downside to it all. A video by a beauty vlogger, criticizing about the fact that the ingredients in the coveted matte liquid lipsticks are pretty much the same ingredients with a cheaper matte liquid lipsticks from a makeup brand called ColourPop. Therefore, making her the target of her consumer feeling deceived. The fact that the Kylie lip kit cost 29 USD and to compare it with the also amazing matte liquid lipsticks by ColourPop that only cost 6 USD, is really unfair to those who had purchased the lip kit. Moral of the story is do not just buy an expensive product because of the name because label means nothing. After a lot of accusing towards Kylie cosmetics that the brand only repackage the ColourPop matte liquid lipsticks, Kylie cosmetics finally gave a statement that the two brands are a sisters company, but not the same company. Therefore the similar ingredients are only just a ‘coincidence.’

Another problem popped up as soon as the famous beauty vlogger, makeup artist, and model, Jeffree Star, who happens to have one of the most successful lipstick businesses today, founds a flaw in the Kylie cosmetics products and he is not impressed. He took it to his twitter account and say that when he purchased the Kylie cosmetics lip glosses and receive a defected brush and saying that Kylie Jenner is cheap for putting such an ugly brush to her expensive products. Preaching about how Kylie Jenner has actually mentioned that she has upgraded the lip glosses brushes, Jeffree is obviously still not happy with the end result. And shortly after the rant on Jeffree’s twitter, other customers came forward with their bogus gloss brushes problem. Thankfully the Kylie cosmetics team took the problem seriously and offered a full exchange of the lip glosses and also promises yet again another upgrade to their lip glosses.

One other issue I would like to touch on is about the fact that since Kylie Cosmetics is not as accessible as other cosmetics there are in the world, many people tried to resell the products if they are lucky enough to be able to get them when they restock their stock on their website. People resell the lip products for an excessive amount of money and because there are many people wanting to buy the lip products but not able to get it themselves, they are willing to pay for the expensive lip products. For those Indonesians who are lucky enough to be able to buy the products, means they are willing enough to woke up at five in the morning, refreshing the website, and typing like crazy just to purchase those products. Since Kylie Cosmetics is based in California, USA, that does means that the restock time is in the Pacific Time zone which is 14 hours behind Indonesian Western time zone. From what I have seen, many Indonesians resell their prestigious purchase on Instagram, and many of those resellers are still a teenagers trying to make money off of selling something many teenagers look for. Often times I stumbled upon an Instagram page that sells Kylie Cosmetics so expensive, the difference of the real price and the resell price is up to 500 IDR but still have customers buying from them. It could be seen from the testimonials of the buyers that are posted on those reseller Instagram page that the buyer are also teenagers.

In conclusion, although Kylie cosmetics seems very out of reach with the fact that it is only available online and will always be sold out within one hour, if you are able to get the product, do not pass it up. As I said before, the products are amazing and it is worth the money. Although, if you do not have the money or the patience to be waiting on the website during the launch and do all the trouble amongst other people trying to get it, there is still another option such as the ColourPop cosmetics. Along with the issue in my generation, for those who are willing to buy a cosmetic so expensive just to be like their idols or to be seen as a cool person to have such coveted cosmetic, should rethink their decision and look for another option, a cheaper version of it. Because quite frankly, brand is not everything. When you wear the lip product, people will not know what brand are you using unless it is literally written on your lips what product are you wearing.


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