[Fiction] The Evolution of DJ

Arnita Nurutami Putri

This early evening, Gwen spent her time at a garden near her home. She always enjoy the garden every evening just for sit or listen to a music or doing her collage assignment. She brought her laptop in order to download a dj software. She missed her moment when she was a dj. She had been vacuumed for a year when her mother asked her to focuses in her studies. When she was busy with her laptop, Rob came, “hey Gwen, what are you doing ?” asked Rob, “I am downloading a dj software” Gwen answered. Rob watched stealthily into her laptop, “oh my, you are going back again, dj gwen” asked Rob suppressed, “maybe yes, I am bored only studying Rob. I don’t have any class anymore and just doing my mini thesis.” Said Gwen, “you, want to be a dj?, want to take a course with me for it?” asked Gwen payfully, “no way, I just want to be a good listener, a good dancer with beer at my hand. Ummh what is the name of that Gwen?” asked rob, “ a crowd” Gwen said, “yes, a crowd. I just want to be a crowd no more dj” Rob said playfully “by the way, you use this laptop for a show?” asked Rob, “hah, this laptop?, for a show?” asked Gwen suppressed, she did not understand, how come she use this laptop for a show. Maybe it can help but her teacher will kill her. Use a notebook with a software to mixing the music for a show it going to be very easy. “what do you mean by use this notebook?, is it permitted?!” asked Gwen for twice, “why are you so tacky?!, Have you ever see a dj perform with a laptop as the equipment?” asked Rob. “of course I have, but I am not sure, is it permitted or not. Because, if only use notebook it will be very easy mixing the music because you use a software and you don’t have to pitching or matching the beat of each song. I only use cdj for every show. Unlike turntable, I don’t use LPs or plate to play the music, I use disc or flashdisc and we can see the bpm (byte per minute) of a song in cdj but not in turntable.” Gwen said. Time went by so fast, “Rob, it already night, I have to go home.” Gwen said. “Oh ok, all right” Rob replied,”umh, Gwen what will yo do tomorrow night?” asked Rob, “I don’t know, maybe doing nothing. Why?” Gwen replied, “want to join with me?, I am going to the pool billiard, there has a lounge and a female dj. I know her and you can share with her. How?” said Rob, “I think it will be good to come with you, so when?, oh just call or chat or text me right?!” Gwen replied, “Ok” said Rob.

It was 7 p.m. Gwen took her smartphone on her bed, she was texting Rob, ‘how about going to pool billiard and what time?’. A minute later, rob replied her text by chat, ‘I am sorry I don’t have any pulsa so I reply your text by whatsapp chat. I will come to your home at 8 p.m’. oe hour later, Rob came to Gwen’s home with his motorcycle. Gwen realized that rob was already wait for her. She came out and “hey, rob. Lets go” said Gwen. on the wy to the pool, rob explain about the pool, “Gwen, the pool is in a mall. The place is quite good and wide, you will see”, “yes of course” Gwen replied. “this is it Gwen. ok I am going to park this motorcycle near the main door of the pool, because it is already night and the mall will closed, so we cant get the lift or escalator to the pool, understand?!” said Rob, “ok” Gwen replied.

Rob parked his motorcycle near the pool then they walked to the pool, “oh my, this is a good place Rob” said Gwen, “it has a lamps like club, right?!” Rob replied. They came into the pool and Rob order a table for them. Gwen and Rob were playing billiard while they waited for the dj. “Rob, where is the dj booth?” asked Gwen, “beside this room, it is a lounge and there is the dj booth” Rob replied. “but, I don’t hear any noise or music from there?!” said Gwen, “let me ask the server,” Rob replied then he walked to the server next their table, they talked each other but Gwen didn’t hear anything, she saw. Suddenly Rob came and said, “it will be 30 minutes, the show will be held Gwen. we wait here, finish the game, once again then we will move to the lounge, ok!”, “Ok” Gwen replied.

They had finished the game, when the music started. Then they move to the lounge. There was a dj show, gwen surpressed because the dj used laptop and equipment like cdj but its smaller than cdj. “Gwen, show with notebook as an equipment, what I talked to you yesterday, its like she do” said Rob. “maybe, the laptop is an alternate for cd or flashdisc, but he cdj is smaller than I usualy use.” said Gwen surpressed, “you know her, right?!” asked Gwen, “yes I do” said Rob. suddenly, the dj signed Rob to come to the dj booth by raised her hand, “let us come to the dj booth gwen” said Rob. They left the table. “hallo Rob, I am sorry I couldn’t realize that is you sitting on that table but I am sure that’s you so I raised my hand. This lounge should have a better light, right?!” said the dj playfully. “oh, never mind Talia. I want introduce my friend, this is Gwen.” said Rob. “hallo Gwen, I am Talia” said Talia. This wasn’t happen any longer, because Talia seemed very busy with her job. “rob, wait for me on your table, my show will end about one hours again. I will come there” said Talia, “ok” Rob replied. Gwen and Rob, came back to their table.

A moments later, Talia was replaced by a man for the show tonight and she joined with rob on his table. “so, Gwen is a dj and ready for show again” said Rob to Talia. “oh I see, do you want to mixing over there?“ asked Talia to Gwen, “my husband is looking for a talent, a female dj for the biggest club at friendly city.” Said Talia, “do you want to try, over there?, if you want, I will asked the dj, he is my friend that you will replace him for a minutes.” “sounds interesting. I think I will” said Gwen. “ok, wait here. I will asked him“ said Talia.

Talia and her friend talked each other after that she raised her hand signed Gwen to come to the booth. “Gwen, you mix 4 or six song. You show about one hour, do you mind?” asked Talia, “have you ever use this” Talia showed the cdj that smaller than Gwen use to play. “not yet, I always use cdj as my equipment for show” Gwen replied, “oh, really. Ok never mind, this is controller and easier than cdj. Just try it” said Talia. Actually, Gwen still didn’t understand, how operate this tracktor. Unlike her expectation, the laptop didn’t use for replace disc or flashdisc but its like dj software like she downloaded yesterday. “have you ever mixing with virtual dj, Gwen?” asked Talia, “ yes”. Talia showed the application on the notebook and said, “this is like virtual dj, but you use the controller for mixing. You can see the graphic of your song on the notebook. I will choose the songs and you mix them, ok?!” said Talia. Gwen seemed she can less her confused. She began beat matching with the controller, “Gwen, why are you pitching? Asked Talia, “I have to, you know that” Gwen answered. “don’t spend your time, you just press this button” said Talia showed gwen the SYNC button on the controller. She pressed the button and the BPM of each song be the same. “oh my, the beat is directly same to 135bpm” said Gwen surprisingly. “don’t waste your time for pitching” Talia replied. Gwen was really understand how to operate these uncommon equipment for her. She enjoyed her show tonight. The crowd also came to he dance floor and enjoyed Gwen’s perform, one of them appreciated her with some money tip. “They’re all like your playlist Gwen” said Talia. Gwen replied with a smile. “this is your last song Gwen, the lounge will be closed” sad Talia, “ok” Gwen replied. Gwen’s performed was beautiful and impressed Talia so good. “Rob, your friend was good” said Talia, “Gwen, can I have your number or contact?”, “of course” Gwen replied.

On the way home, Gwen thought, being a dj today is so easy. Controller and software that support the controller that make it easy. On the other side, she worried someday her teacher will now that she use laptop and controller. She ws very sure that her teacher will be angry to her, “arrive at your home, Gwen” said Rob. “Thank you so much Rob for tonight. I am going to sleep” said Gwen, “you are welcome Gwen” Rob replied.

The next day, Gwen received a text from Talia. She asked Gwen for a show in one of club at Kemang, because her husband want to see Gwen’s perform. Gwen replied with yes to Talia. “ hallo Rob, I have a show tonight at kemang. You have to come and join with me.” Gwen invited Rob by call him, “ sure, what time?”Rob replied, “ come to my home at 8 p.m.” said Gwen, “ ok” Rob replied. Gwen prepared a dress, shoes she is going to wear and cd case and flashdisc and also a headphone.

It’s already night, Gwen and Rob arrived at the club that Talia suggested. “Such a nice club Gwen” said Rob. “ Ya, and the people also. So many crowded here. Oh I’m nervous.” Gwen replied. “Just take it easy Gwen” Rob replied, “hey there’s Talia“. Talia and her husband walked to them, “ hey Gwen hey Rob, he is my husband, Paul.” Talia said “hallo Gwen and Rob, my name is Paul.“ Paul introduced himself to Gwen and Rob, “Gwen, you will perform tonight after that dj” Paul explained to Gwen, “ what club did you use to show Gwen?” Paul asked, “I used to play in club or lounge at Bandung, it has been years ago. A year ago, I decided to vacuum from dj but this year I want to be dj again” Gwen replied. “that’s good, learning by doing Gwen. because you have started again right?!” said Paul, “Talia, told me that last night you performed at her work place ?!” asked Paul. “Yes, and they use laptop with a controller” Gwen replied. “This club use cdj for equipment but the cdj is not supported by flashdisk” Paul said. “oh never mind, I took cd case.” Gwen replied. “Hey, its time for you to show. Let us come to the booth” said Paul to Gwen.

Gwen prepared her stuff such as headphone and cd. “Are you ready Gwen?” asked Paul. Gwen smiled, it’s a sign that she is ready. Paul was stand beside her as a mc, “ok ladies and gentlemen this is our special guest dj from lady management, welcome for dj Gwen” Paul announced her and the crowded cheered. Gwen successfully entertain the crowded. They were all dancing on the floor. “Gwen, you rock!” said Paul.

After party, Gwen, Rob, Talia and Paul hanged out together at coffee shop. “So, Gwen I am looking for a dj especially female dj for the biggest club at friendly city but first I want to test them all give show for them before”, said Paul, “Talia told me that she found a new star and its you. You and me are from different generation, you likewise my wife are from same generation.“ Paul said to Talia. “what’s the different?” asked Gwen. “your performed are depended on bpm formula but don’t worry it’s a common thing. You just have to get more practice at a studio and practice your ear do not depend to formula too much.” Paul explained to Gwen. “Do you have any label?” asked Paul “I used to but now I resigned“ Gwen answered, “why?, what’s label?” Paul asked, “ velocity five“ Gwen answered. “Oh I don’t know about that label. Today so many labels in Indonesia. In my years, there was only one label its PDJI (Persatuan DiscJockey Indonesia). PDJI was very famous, djs from around the world knew PDJI.” Said Paul, “today there is so much dj in Indonesia. Technology makes all be easier than in my years. You can understand how to be a dj only in 30 minutes because of laptop, a software and a controller. A controller has a sync button, if you use that button your song will have same bpm. It is because of technology.” Said Paul. “So, all dj in your generation have a good skill, right?!” asked Gwen, “good or bad it is depend on the crowded Gwen. we as a dj is to entertain the crowded. if you have a good skill even you can use turntable as a manual stuff and do scratching but if the crowds don’t feel entertained by you, you are fail” said Paul. “I am agree with you. Dj is a profession, we earn money from it.” Gwen replied. “Yeah, agree” Paul accepted, “nowadays club management needs a fresh dj. I am and all dj from my generation are being old today. Most of them offer a dj course to many people who want to be a dj in your generation and they guarantee your generation being a dj only spent 30 minutes, that’s so funny. Its because of technology Gwen. you know what I mean.” said Paul. “How long have you been a dj?” asked Gwen, “I have been a dj for 20 years”. said Paul. “Its been two decade, right?!” Gwen replied, “yes” said Paul. “Its enough to say that you are a senior Paul” said Gwen. “If you look into my face, how old I am?” asked Paul, “I think you are not my senior but my junior” said Gwen playfully, “You are kidding Gwen” Paul replied. They spent the night shared each other, especially for Gwen. She could learn by Paul experience.

At home, Gwen thought what has been said by Paul at coffee shop. She agreed that there is no one could judge whether the dj has a good skill or bad skill. Dj is a profession that many dj earn money from their show from their performed. There is a differentiate between past generation and nowadays of dj. Gwen understand that her generation is depend with technology. There is no words to say that past generation is better than her generation. Past generation may be as her generation if they have good technology like in her generation that is digital stuff. They could use cdj than turntable but the technology appear in her generation. That’s the different, manual and digital. Dj in her generation has affect by evolution of technology.

Gwen’s phone rang, and it’s a call from Talia, “hallo Gwen, its Paul. Sorry for disturb you. I will tell you an important thing” said Paul. “What is it?” asked Gwen. “You have accepted as our talent for the club in friendly city, so you have to sign the contract” said Paul. “Oh my, thank you” Gwen replied, “so, when I should sign the contract?” Gwen asked. “Tomorrow, for time and place I will inform you later, ok bye Gwen” said Paul. Gwen was feeling so happy, she accepted for a talent in the club and it means she could earn money from it. She never forget Rob, because of him she can get what she wants.

references :

from an interview with Dj Tan-Tan member of PDJI- South Jakarta.

word count : 2685

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