Chronic Youth

Natasha Citra Adelina

Summary: Jennifer Li’s singing video being trolled by all of her friends at school because of Casey Jacobs.


I get around 15 retweets and 20+ replies right away. They find the video so damn hilarious and admit that Jennifer supposed to kill herself instead of singing like tortured turtle too. I sit down with a super satisfaction in my heart reading those feedbacks; feedbacks—likes, comments, replies, anything—means that they opened the link and well, yeah, opened my blog. Yeah, my blog. Well, of course I didn’t say it was me. Where’s the fun part? If Megan asks me the next day, I’ll answer that I randomly encountered the blog when I was strolling down the path and following pebbles. ‘Bet it was our school-mate’, I’ll say to her. ‘Or else, Jennifer was actually sign herself up for X-Factor with that video and the show committees decided that the video was a humiliation for the show and broadcast it away,’ I’ll add.

The truth is, I found her video on her own blog. No, I didn’t find it accidentally, to be honest, I look for it. Jennifer Li is a year senior in my school. Her way of walking, talking, and smiling all signaling the need of bully. I know that something peculiar must be on her way so I googled her up. Voila! I ran upon her blog, jennifersummerlover. See, her name is already… I don’t have any certain comment toward this because the problem is the content of the blog. Well, I don’t really have any idea of how to elaborate the jennifersummerlover with a decent word. Any words going through my mind either cursing, swearing, or simply spoofing. Jennifer put several videos of her singing and talking to somebody somewhere unknown about her activities, interests, and reviews about some trash-music. In the videos, she refers the viewer—if any—as ‘my beloved followers’. I checked the jennifersummerlover’s six followers that happened to be all unidentified person posting spams (or robots, presumably) in instant and felt this desire of showing her to the greater world. This humble contribution of mine then donates around a hundred followers to jennifersummerlover in a day and even more each following day. The video was on my blog since a week ago but I tweeted it only a moment ago to avoid suspicion. Nobody knows I am the ChronicYouth—even Megan—after all.

“BRILLIANT!” text Megan to me.

“IKR! Terrif—oh shit, terriBLE voice!” I text her back.

“Where d’u find her?”

Here it comes, “Randomly bumped at that account. Posted genius contents that one. Somehow Jen’s video popped out.”

“So that is what people called as ‘fate’!” I reply with “HAHA IKR!” right away with a grin from ear to ear in my face. What a beautiful day!

I click here and there to find out that not only jennifersummerlover that gaining a bunch of followers. Mine too! Some approbation comments I got also depict how much attention finally the ChronicYouth earn. I made this anonymous blog around a year ago with an intention of making genius-troll-posts without being blamed or trolled back if it doesn’t work in my mind. Posting things with your name as the maker might sounds cool but it also giving your name a sense of ownership concerning the content. Ownership means serious responsibility follows after. I know this is childish but I don’t want to have any responsibility about things I posted. I mean, come on, those things are basically trash. You don’t have serious responsibility of your trash, do you? You can throw anything away because you know that in the end, nobody would identify the trash bag as yours. Thus, you act (you throw things off) as you yourself. While you can do some adjustment to things you wanted to display because people would see those things, you can just easily throw things bother you in the trash can without worrying about how people would perceive you. You are yourself in front of the trash can. So, ChronicYouth was made as a dedication to myself: my trash can, where I can be and throw anything I wish for.

Ding. Oh, a text from Alex!

“Dude, search for @jenniferli now!”

For a second before I move my hand to the mouse and start clicking and typing like crazy, I thought that Jennifer’s posts are what I should look for according to Alex. But search results that displayed before me on the screen are actually even funnier than the boring contents of Jennifer’s account.

@pygmiup: @jenniferli better stopped doing that now, you’d better use some meth. You’ll thank me later.
@fransescomolarti: OMG @marteallism , your bff @jenniferli is hitting the tune again! I mean, literally! LMFAO
@KRWKSZKY: I thought Mel was the worst. Didn’t expect @jenniferli is the winner of the worst voice of the year. Man ur so good at singing that I want to skin you and sell you to the butcher.

And so on, so on, and so on. I don’t really laugh, honestly.

Based on her latest post, Jennifer was online about three days ago. She doesn’t really tweet that much, apart from those automatic-shared links of her blog, so it is quite clear that Jennifer haven’t read any of those hatred messages. I go to Jen’s blog and find that her blog already hit the record of herself (230 visitors on half-an-hour! Can you imagine that happening on Jennifer Li’s blog?!) and at least 24 recent comments on her latest video (which I uploaded on my ChronicYouth) with a general theme of ‘ugly’, ‘whore’, and ‘kill yourself’. I don’t laugh, too. Feeling quite inconvenience seeing those loathing comments with several suggestions of how to die the most painfully, I move to my ChronicYouth and see my blog got around a thousand hits today. My mood gets back. I stroll around my posts and fetch a super significant increased number of followers, likers, and comments on my page; not only on Jennifer’s video, but on the other videos too! I can see more than a hundred people refer to my blog and called it ‘genius’. Life is indeed good. Well, they don’t really know who was it that they called genius but at least I have some recognition. Oh, not me, my blog got some recognition. Whatever. I’ll sleep soundly tonight.


“Well done, KC. Uve made JenLi a worldwide phenomenon!” text Nathan that I read with a wide grin in my face. Using my left hand to hold my hamburger (and try to stuffed it up to my mouth) and my right hand to type, I answer, “She deserves it. U know that.”

I can hear Megan talking to Melissa about Jennifer when I put down my phone and start to eat properly. I laugh along with them before I sip Megan’s juice and laugh again when Amber giving response to Melissa’s statement about ‘Jennifer’s unbelievable imagination’. Melissa was trying to imitate one of Jennifer’s video with Amber’s phone ready to record it when I get the text from Alex, “Library. NOW. ASAP.” Not actually saying anything, I grab Megan’s hand and run as fast as possible to the library.

In the last turn to the hall where the library is, we see the senior guys—those with hot abs behind their uniforms and sleek hair above their flawless faces—throwing some paper balls to Jennifer that is hiding behind maps that she held. She walks fast to avoid the paper balls attack and the ‘WE WANT YOU TO DIE’ shouting that echoed in the hall following her bowing head. Megan is laughing so hard that she has to hold her stomach while she takes some fallen paper balls on the floor and throws it again towards Jennifer along with the others. I am not doing the same but I laugh with them. As Jennifer disappear on the edge of the hall and make a turn, people laugh so hard that I bet Madam Sonata upstairs would hear us. My stomach is hurting because of the laughing but my eyes wide open. Things are quite out of control but people seems to enjoy it. So… I think, it’s okay, isn’t it?

“Guys re going nuts! Thy trow things at Jennifer! Wat do you thik? A) Crazy, B) Let thm be,” I used to have a good skill on typing without looking but the thing happened lately is really distracting me.

“B of course. It’s normal. It’s Jennifer herself who posted it on the internet. If people don’t like it, she has to get the consequence,” replies Nathan.

Once I’m done reading the message, I put my phone inside the case and start to watch Mr. Rox talking about chemistry chain while my mind still on the paper-balls-attack scene. Nathan said it was okay. Of course Nathan is right, it’s Jennifer herself who made it online in the first place. I’m just placing myself as the extension; I show it to ‘greater’ mass. She wants it, right? If people post something on the internet, it means that the post is supposed to be seen by as many people as it could, right? Mr. Rox says something I didn’t catch that make the whole class laughing and staring at me at the same time. They didn’t see me texting, do they?

My phone vibrates all of sudden. Surprised, I open the message immediately.

“Even Mr. Rox saw your tweets, Casey. You should be proud of yourself!” text Alex.

I turn my body and see Alex in the corner of the class laughing with the whole class until he lost his eyes. Oh, it’s about that, then. Well, it’s great, I guess? Even Mr. Rox likes it. And you are some kind of worried about that, Casey? Stupid. Everybody likes it. Jennifer deserves it. She really is.

And you, Casey, deserve this.


It’s now already three weeks since I tweeted the link of Jennifer’s video and a month after I reposted the video. Yet, people are still going crazy about it. I can’t help but going crazy with all of the people at the school. No matter how rude and fierce may the guys at school treat Jennifer, she just can’t stop posting herself singing or talking to her ‘beloved followers’ as if the followers she refers to will give positive response to her. I used to think that people are going too far about Jennifer and they need to take it easy; I was wrong. Jennifer is the one to blame about all of this. She could make it stop on the first day by shutting down her blog but she didn’t. Like she really needs the attention, she posted more and more videos day by day. She also made several videos and blogposts about ‘haters go away’ or something like ‘haters, you should go mind your business, not mine’ while she added more branches to the bonfire. What kind of people who hush a tiger away while swinging fresh meat in front of it?

Jennifer was absent for three days because of sick (which I found out after watching her newest video on her blog, with her in her ‘favorite’ sweater sipping her ‘favorite’ milk) before we get the news that she moved to another school. We have no idea about her new school (and she doesn’t post anything about her moving), all we know is the rumor that her father came to the school several days ago to report the act of bully. It has been said that the school didn’t see anything related to bully (which is impossible, but excusable since the school didn’t like Jennifer’s videos too—and maybe secretly having this idea of letting us bully her because she had humiliated the school). People think that the moving decision was based on that disagreement.

“School was boring,” I am laying in my bed, no things to do, and so sick with school that I cannot hold it any longer.

“Yea. That ChronicYouth blog wasn’t post anything fun yet? Maybe s/he got something about our schoolmates,” replies Megan.

“Idk. No one as stupid as Jen to be trolled to,” I am not sending it until I add, “I guess,” in the end of my sentence.

“Well, Tamara is definitely that stupid,” replies Megan in a second.

Wait, she’s right.

“Tamara and her Barbie group. That’s right! I’ll write to ChronicYouth now!” I reply immediately and jump to my chair. Let’s do something fun again!

All the major characters and plot based on “Cyberbully”, a television movie written and directed by Ben Chanan and David Lobatto. The show aired on 15 January 2015 on TV4 UK, starring Maisie Williams as Casey.

Word count: 2078 words

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