[Travel Journal] The Cold of Merbabu

Rizky Kurniadi

The Cold Of Merbabu

I will never forget about my first mountaineering to merbabu summit. Especially

about my accident on the top of merbabu, kentheng songo. It was about the

middle of may, 2014, i was invited by my friend to went to boyolali, the location

of the mountain is, after i finished my final exam or maybe we know that as ‘ujian

nasional’. I am interest enough to go to there, so without i think anymore, i

accepted my friend invitation to that mountain. I asked my friend who had go to

the mountain about how is merbabu, and they said ‘merbabu is magnificent thing

that i had been through with my friends. Hearing that, my confident about

merbabu is getting high. I borrow my friend’s bag, i called that mountain bag before

i know the real name is carrier. The day that i had been waiting is come, before

we depart, my friend told us about the way we will face to climb merbabu. It is

selo, located on boyolali, we go there by train, from senen station. My friend said

that the selo way is the easist way to kentheng songo. Having arrived at boyolali,

my eyes is always pampered by the beautiful view of boyolali. Merapi mountain

is on there too, next to merbabu, very fascinating scenery that i have ever seen.

We was looking for vehicle that want go to selo. Selo is located in the middle

between merbabu mountain and merapi mountain. The place that i think if you kill

people, and leave the body alone, you will not get capture by the police. It is

really good place, high place, cold place. So many ravines on selo, many. We

arrived there at dusk, i think we will climb in the next day, but i was wrong. That

dusk we have to walk to the climb, because in tomorrow morning, there are no

people that delivered us to the campground. I am in camp ground now. Bringing a

few little gallon, i fill my little gallons with water, 2 with mineral water, 1 with

nutrisari. So i bring 3 little gallons on my back, and it is heavy. Much. The

mountaneering was begin.It was eve, we went deep through the jungle, black

everywhere. It was dark and only us left. I was with my 6 friends went across the

forest. During the journey, we always talk each other, firstly because it is the trick

for not really got tired for us, and secondly to reduce our fearness. We talked

much, from clear conversation until dirty conversation. The conversation i rwally

hated is the conversation about ghost, where the condition we was in the middle

of the jungle, so the conversation about ghost is not really help for us i think. We

climb and climb, met other people, little rainy, and cold. Very cold. I tried to hide

my cold with my jacket, i used my tripod to lead my vision, because what i can

see only dark trees, and dark. The rain was getting high. The air was not friendly

anymore, and our body cannot survive anymore. The wind started to swing. The

wind that bring cold air and the spark of ice. And i realized, it was blizzard. So me

and my friends decided to made a rest as soon as possible. With thunder and

blizzard i make a tent wildly, very ugly tent. I do not know how to make warm on

that day. I slept in the condition very ill. Tired. The next day the storm has

stopped, i prepared my baggage to comeback to the porpose to the summit. I left

some of my baggage in the tent so it was not really heavy and make it easier.

During the travel, we felt very tired because the condition of the track that have

many obstacles, rocks, trees, big roots. I do not forget bring my tripod. I look at

the sky, big clouds has come again, and it is bad. And i arrived at the summit,

kentheng songo. But the rain was come, and heavy rain, more heavy rain. The

particle of water fill with ice. And the wind very liar. I cannot hold it anymore, it

was dusk again. I decided to go back to the tent. But, i made wrong decision. I lost

at the mountain. I feel so cold. Worstly, i fell from the cliff, but i still survive,

because of my tripod. But i broke my tripod. But if its not, maybe i will lost my

life, and i never write this task. I am very grateful to have this experience.

my own experience
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