[Review] Video games: An Epic Adventure

Aris Ramdan

Video games: An Epic Adventure

By this time,the development of games are fast.many genre of games that we can played like Adventure,Action,Tactics,Role Play,Racing,Sport,Card etc. and by this time,many of games are using online system like the game that I would discuss on this articles,I will try to talk about games on Android Smartphone. As an Android user,we actually so familiar with Google Play Store. We can find variety of apps on Google Play Store,before we start using Google Play Store we have to sign in by personal e-mail and need to completing the agreement and policy from Google Play Store.

We can start to looking for games that we need on search icon,we can type The tittle from game that we need. For example,the game that I will play is Rayman Adventure that published by Ubisoft Entertainment,I click on install button then waiting for downloading process. After downloaded we can open the games and start to play the game.

Main menu in Rayman Adventure

Rayman Adventure is an Adventure games,the goal of the game is we have to grow up the sacred tree as high as possible and we can compare who is the highest tree with friends. Rayman Adventure is a game online,we can sign in by facebook account to interact with friends who played the same game. And we also can visit,sharing items,share screenshoots and check the score with friends from the worldwide,national or only from facebook friendlist. Another goal is we have to gather all creatures called Incrediballs in each every adventure levels,the Incrediballs is hatched from an egg that we have to rescued from each levels,the Incrediballshave their own ability like the Rhinoz is a good protector,the Green Pieces is a good seeker.

In Rayman Adventure we can see a map that have a different lands,we can play in ancient geek,jungle,a factory in the deep sea,medieval mayhem etc. We can play as Four caharacters,we can play as Rayman,Barbara,Teensies and Globox. All of the characters have an unique costumes that we can change by purchasing with gems,we can get a free gems from daily reward,watching ads video or by completing the missions and reach the achievements.

Rayman characters and Sacred Tree

Rayman adventure have a good graphics,easy to play,challenging,fun and have a good sound. On the Incrediballs tree,we can make a music from the Incrediballs,we can mixing as we want and we also can save the music in phone storage. In the levels of Rayman Adventure we can play in four kind of adventure,we can play as heroes and beat the time,gathering all lums,knock down all of the foes and saving kidnapped Teensies. Every we complete the levels we can get free gems and unlock the next levels,when we complete the adventure on each levels we can rescued the egg that would be hatch become an Incrediballs.

The Incrediballs is hatched from different kind of eggs,there are four kinds of eggs: Royalty,Golden,Silver and Common. And able to reveal the invisible eggs, we will know the incrediballs after hatched from the eggs,the Incrediballs will give some power to grow up the sacred tree. The Incrediballs that hatched from Royalty would give 3 powers that will give 30 meters of sacred tree,the Golden egg would give 2 powers and grow to 20 meters for sacred tree,the Silver and Common eggs would give only 1 powers or only 10 meters to sacred tree. But,when we got the duplicate Incrediballs it can’t added to Incrediballs tree,but it will changed by free gems.

The Incrediballs

In each missions we can get a tickets,and we don’t get the tickets for free. So we have to complete the missions. If we get the tickets we have to scratch it and we would know the prizes,and the prizes is Speed Timer,Silver Oil,Golden Oil,and Royalty DNA if we want to get a special Incrediballs.

Rayman Adventure is very addicting and an epic adventure game,and full of happiness if we play it. As the person who played Rayman Adventure,I have spent time about 2 or 3 hours per-day. But the shortcomings of this game,we have to purchase an expensive costumes and get a buck of gems. Another short comings are we always have to waiting the egg hatching if we don’t have a speed timer,and waiting for the new missions in 12 hours to get a new missions if we done with the last missions and of course as an online games,we have to always have a mobile data to stay connected and able to play the games.


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