[Review] The Beginning of Audy’s Journey

Atika Salsabila


Title: The Chronicles of Audy: 4R

Author: Orizuka

Publisher: Penerbit Haru

Pages: 320

It’s been a while since I lost my interest in reading. Usually at least I can read one to three novels per month but since a few months ago I have not read the novel at all. I already went to book store for a few times but I went home without buying any book. I did not touch books that bought by my sister. The last book I read was the last book of The Heroes of Olympus series, The Blood of Olympus. I finally bought a book last month. Last month I went home. I went to book store with my family and finally this time I did not go home empty-handed. The book that I bought and also I will review this time is called The Chronicles of Audy: 4R by Orizuka. The genre of this book is young-adult.

One of the reasons I bought this book because I’ve been thinking of buying this book for a long time. The book is already in my to-read list me since 2014. I already tried for several times to find this book in the book store but never found it. Then finally I managed to find this book when I visited book stores last month. I first found out about this novel from a review of my friends on the site called goodreads.com. Goodreads is a site where people leave a review about the books that they read and give a rate for the book. The Chronicles of Audy: 4R itself has been rated by the 1902 Goodreads users with average rating 4.28 stars of 5 stars.

The first thing that I want to discuss is the cover of this book. We may often hear the words ‘do not judge a book by its cover’, but somehow it cannot be denied that book cover added more value to the book we want to buy. Good or eye catching cover make us even more curious about the book. The cover of this book Cover is quite simple but managed to attract my attention. The basic coluor of the book is brown with red and black accents for the font and there are also some illustrations that make this book’s cover even more beautiful.

This is the 20th book written by Orizuka and the second book that she published under Penerbit Haru. In genera,l the theme of books written by Orizuka is teenage or young adult life, such as teenage love life.

This book is the first book of the series The Chronicles of Audy. So far three books have been published it has published and one more book is planned to be published this year. The main character of this book is Audy Nagisa, a 22-year-old student of International Relations at UGM who is struggling through her college life. Audy will soon get a bachelor’s degree but suddenly a problem arises. His father went bankrupt because his business partner cheated him. Audy try to find a job to pay for her college and life.

Audy found a vacancy as a babysitter in a newspaper. She then decided to go to the address that listed in the newspaper. She came to a house which is not maintained and there is a mailbox marked 4R. 4R itself, which is also the title of this book, is the designation for the four brothers who all their names prefixed by the letter R. They are Regan the oldest brother, Romeo, Rex and the youngest brother Rafael. Regan the oldest brother is working in a law firm. He is a hard worker and very responsible. Romeo, the second child, already graduated from college. He is a gamer and hacker and he also is the friendliest. Rex the third child still attending senior high school is a very ambitious in terms of education. The last one is Rafael a 4.5 year old “baby”. It turns out that the actual work that she need to do is not like she imagined. While working for 4R Audy is reminded of the importance of family that without her realizing she had forgotten.

I think this book is quite good and you don’t need to think too much while reading this book. While reading this book you can find yourself laugh or even cry because of Audy and 4R’s behaviour. The issues contained in this book quite real but can be served in an attractive way by the author. This book focused on Audy interaction with 4R and the problems experienced by them. The book is told from Audy point of view. I think this book to be an excellent start this series. I want to read the next book of the series is to examine the continuation of Audy and 4R’s life. I would recommend this book to people who love young adult novel.


Orizuka. 2013. The Chronicles of Audy: 4R. Penerbit Haru.





Word Count: 814 Words

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