[Review] Harris J – I Promise (New Muslim singer was born)

Nevy Rizka Ariani

Music can never be separated from life, almost every day we hear the music and songs of life around us. The song is heard there is a wide range of foreign and local. Harris J was born 3 marche 1997 in Chelsea. Harris J is a young British Muslim artist with Indian and Irish heritage signed to Awakening Records. His debut album is due to be released in late August 2015. Harris J went on to win the competition and signed an exclusive record deal with awakening records.

On this occasion, I will discuss one of his songs titled “i promise”. This song is pop song with gently acoustic guitar. “I Promise” tell the story of a boy who promised wholeheartedly to do the best for his parents because he realized his parents had been doing everything the best for him. He vowed to do everything as well as possible as good as his parents had done for her. He grateful to his parents because they have given all the love and care.

You can look to the this lyric “I promise anytime you call me/It don’t matter where I am/I’ll always be there, Like you’ve been there/If you need me closer, I’ll be right over”. Its explain how a boy try to show his affection to his parents. He promises to always present when parents needed him. He felt that when he needs his parents, they are always there. Then he sings “But that won’t change/the love you’ve raised inside this family/everything that I do is to make you proud”. The lyrics describe how a boy trying to convince herself to boast his parents. He does not care about any circumstances, which he wanted to do was make his parents proud. In that point, Harris tries to give advice to all children to appreciate their parents and accepted under any circumstances and can make their parents proud in various ways. “Oh having someone to go to/having someone to love”. He feels that there is someone who needs his love and care. The word “someone” in the lyrics, not addressed to another woman but is intended for his parents. If we read the entire lyrics to “i promise”, we will understand what the writer and singer in the song. a lot of the advice contained therein, how to make them proud by giving a genuine affection.

The advantage of this song is a lot of positive things that can inspire all children in the world, especially for those who still have both parents. Harris presents the lyrics are easy to understand with simple words so that we can immediately understand what is conveyed in the song. Beautiful strains of the song add more value to the song. We can easily memorize the song because the lyrics and the music are easy to follow and enjoy. Harris singing style is different from other singers with the same genre. He had twisted while singing style. Harris is a talented young singer and one Muslim singer who can make a new breakthrough in the world of music especially for the youth and children throughout the world. Unlike the other young singers, Harris prefers and makes songs on the theme of the religion of Islam with lots of advice therein. Harris made a difference that not all the young singer can only sing songs about love. Cheerful song makes listeners happy and to enjoy the strains of the song. “Harris raised due to lack teenage musicians like this, the lyric is very educational and has a positive effect.” said Rina Novita, CEO DNA. There is a shortage in this song, video animation clips presented along with the lyrics in it. Video clips are displayed too childish so for teenagers, this might be a bit boring.

The conclusion, I would say that music is an inseparable part of this word. We cannot live without music being the part of this world. Harris J is a talented young Muslims with the song that contains advice for children and teenagers in the world. In this song, Harris expressed his affection for his parents.


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