[Review] Drama The Producers: Wish to be a Producer?

Nahari Nurul Fitriani

English Title: The Producers

Korean Title: 프로듀사(Peurodyusa)

Episodes: 12

Network: KBS 2

Writer: Park Ji Eun

Director: Seo Soo Min and Pyo Min Soo

Language: Korean

Country: South Korean

The Producers is one of the Korean dramas which have a romantic-comedy genre. The main story of the drama is about a newbie producer director (PD) of KBS Television channel named, Baek Seung Chan. He who is just graduated from faculty of law of Seoul National University, the first-ranked University in Korea, has no experience in conducting a Korean variety show, but is challenged to be placed in the low-rating variety show, called 1 Night 2 Days. Hence he entered the television variety show world, the things going is not as easy as he expected. Because at first he just want to follow his senior that he liked, Shin Hye Joo, who worked at the same television channel, in the same department, but different program. Baek Seung Chan is a genius guy with high level of observing, he then studied a lot about the Korean Variety world and one of his idea for the program is unexpectedly used as the format of the new “1 Night 2 Days”.

Then other story which is shot in the drama, is the life of Cindy. A bright female soloist singer, who has a promising fame and successful achievements. Cindy has a cold image, and very strict about cleanliness. However, in her inside life Cindy has no happy life and envious of the normal people life, because she has been trained since she was a child. She is accompanied everywhere by her manager. And there is a secret kept by her manager, until Cindy found that he is one of her antis. One day, he met Baek Seung Chan through an umbrella incident, and guess what happened between them?

Famous scene of the Producers

The Producers also told a life between senior PDs, Ra Joon Mo PD and Tak Ye Jin PD who are actually a childhood friend. Then since they have to become partner in their workplace, both of them are PD in KBS Broadcasting Company. They have to overcome any problems happened in their private life professionally.

Acting of promising lead actors like Kim Soo-hyun, Cha Tae Hyun, and actress Gong Hyo Jin is very influence the emotion of this drama. And also the rising singer actress, IU. However, some of the Korean Netizens speculated on IU’s acting on the drama is very bad because she doesn’t suit the sexy images at all. As she already being known for her innocent-babyish looks. But, somehow when I watch the drama I do feel irritating at Cindy, as she is sometimes annoying and looks arrogant. But as the story goes, I know why Cindy behaved like that. And it can be concluded that her acting is successfully portray the selfish Cindy. Kim Soo-hyun who played a role as Baek Seung Chan is offer a marvelous acting of the genius but fool man, the guy who looks innocent but can become unexpectedly mischievous when he dislikes someone. Not surprised, through his acting of this drama he gained six awards as excellent actor and Netizen Award.

The smart, has a i-am-busy-and-tired looks, clumsy, but is kind hearted is also successfully illustrated by Cha Tae Hyun. He is portraying a PD who is responsible for the existence of the program “1 Night 2 Days”. Because of the low-rating, the program needs to be reformatted and decided to cast new members.


You cannot underestimate Gong Hyo Jin’s acting here because she is also played her role well as senior PD who has independent woman image, hard worker, and have lack of trustworthiness in men. As a well-known music program PD, “Music Bank” she is talented in coordinating and directing the singers and idols, and also has a wide-acquaintances of celebrities. She decided to live as single woman, but deep in heart she has a feel for her childhood friend.

Lots of Korean celebrities and idols appear on the drama as cameo from veteran actress, Youn Yuh Jung until rookie actress, Kim Ji Soo. The idols like SNSD’s Taetiseo,2NE1’s Sandara Park, Winner’s Seung Yoon, and Boyfriend’s Minwoo also enlivened the drama. Because of the background is the television station so it is very necessary to guested some of the celebrities in this drama.

Broadcasted by only 12 episodes this drama is well-packed. Because it is not that short, or is too long. With one episode which lasting for one hour twenty minutes without ad. The Original Sound Track (OST) of the drama is also suitable and make the drama more alive. For instance, on the opening of the drama, on episode 1 we can hear The OST titled ‘Sweet Lovet’ sung by EXID’s Solji. And I have three favorite OSTs of this drama, there are Ben’s Palpitations , Lee Seung Chul’s Darling and Zitten’s TV Show.

Here are the links for the OSTs =>

EXID’s Solji- Sweet Love : https://youtu.be/0p2fbC6Axsg

Ben – Palpitations : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OH7cIlrRhlQ

Lee Seung Chul – Darling : https://youtu.be/n3ucioSmwzU

Zitten – TV Show : https://youtu.be/ENAQ7-FD05g

When the drama reaches its half of the full story the story is not focusing on how to be ‘a good producer’ anymore but more into the love line between Tak Ye Jin PD and Ra Joon Mo PD. How they try to hide and lie about their genuine feelings are kinda boring. The love chemistry between Tak Ye Jin and Ra Joon Mo is not as bold as Cindy’s feeling for Baek Seung Chan. But since it is a Korean drama moreover the genre is romantic-comedy, it will give the scent of slightly romance-that-you-want feeling. Because the love line that is grow from Cindy’s to Baek Seung Chan is kind of hardly to find in real life. Otherwise, in the same time Baek Seung Chan will make the viewer quite fed-up because he is somehow fool to realize what love is.

This drama brings you the life behind the sparkling entertainment industries especially the production of a television program. How working in broadcasting company has a competitive rivalry, mainly in South Korea where the seniority is very clearly visible.

Overall I give this drama 7.8 out of 10 points. Since when I re-watch the drama for again and again, I never get bored and keep this drama as one of my favorites K-Drama.

Checkout the trailer of the Producers => https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lkuEmm21S1g


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Word count: 1044 words

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