[Review] Chirstopher’s Dark and Mysterious Events in Bound to You

Fathia Septiani

Bound to you is a novel written by Christopher Pike. He had wrote a one New York Times bestselling novel Thirst. This novel contain 2 different, yet exiting, and mysterious stories. One of the stories is called Spellbound and it is about a mysterious case of death, of a girl who everyone believed to be dead because of a grizzly bear. She and her boyfriend Jason went to Castle Park to have a romantic date and see the moonlight together, however, things got ugly in the middle of the night. The key witness to this tragic tragedy is only her boyfriend Jason. He mentioned to the police that Karen, the girl who died, had been attacked by a grizzly bear. Some people doesn’t believe in Jason story and the case remained open. However, Cindy, as Jason boyfriend wanted to trust and believe him about this issues…. but as secrets start coming out and weird things started happening, she doesn’t know what to believe anymore. With more mysterious death and many more unexpected events, she is now forced to face the truth she didn’t want to believe at first.

See You Later is the second story in this novel. A sci-fiction with an unexpected events is happening to this guy names Mark. Mark who knows Becky from the store he visited had fallen so hard for her. He thinks that she is the love of his life. However, what if Becky had already had a boyfriend? When Mark is finally ready to give up on Becky, he met Vincent and Kara. An extremely wealthy, cool, super eccentric, and mysterious friend he met. When he is about to give up on his love, Kara was super determined to help him get Becky. Why was Kara so determined to help Mark to get Becky? Is Mark going to give up on his love of his life? Or will he just believe in Kara and continue to keep fighting?

The character in both of these stories are a bit unique. The writer describes them as a normal person, at first. Their live was usual, same as most of their child their age. However, when the writer gives them some unexpected, and mysterious events to them, the character developed theme self and becomes more attractive and more developed. For a mysterious fantasy stories, this novel makes the reader believe that such world does exist in the real life. The way Christopher describes the events in the book makes us seems like we are inside the story itself. Christopher also didn’t use many hard words in order to reach for teenage reader, so we can understand the story more easily.

However, the end of the story is a bit cliff-hanger for me. I particularly likes an obvious ending that really tells the reader what happen to the character, or how the is the character life after this series of event (like an epilogue). Christopher didn’t use that kind of approach in his novel, especially this stories. He makes the reader wonder by them self to what will happen to the character. They may be finished with their mysterious events, but then, there are some explanation that keeps us hanging in the end of the book. There are some information that Christopher, as the writer, withheld within just the character itself that it makes us more curious more keep us wondering what information that is missing.

Overall, the story is a dark, mysterious, and unexpected story. It may not be a simple love story like most novels but it also have some twist in it. You will never know what secrets comes next after one another. For young people like us, it can also be a lesson that there are things beyond our knowledge, beyond what we can learn. It is good to explore and to learn something new. It is also a good book for people who loves to read mysterious, mystical, fantasy books. How the turn-out series of unexpected events keeps on happening to the very end of these stories and how he/she manages to handle all of the pressure. From this book we can also learn that trust is not just an easy thing we can give to someone. In order to trust someone, we needed to know them better first.


Pike, Chirstoper. 2012. Bound To You. New York: Simon Pulse

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Word Count: 717 Words

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