[Review] Ada Apa Dengan Cinta? 2: The Stories That Are Not Obvious And Hard To Understand

Azrina Abharini

Film industry in Indonesia endlessly present the very interesting film and one of the films that are now booming is a sequel of Ada Apa Dengan Cinta ?. An advanced film of Ada Apa Dengan Cinta? in which aired in 2002 is eagerly awaited by fans. The film is directed by Riri Riza is a romance movie starred by Nicholas Saputra who acts as Rangga, Dian Sastro who acts as Cinta and there are also friends of Cinta, who stares by Titi Kamal, Sisi Priscillia, Dennis Adiswara.

This film tells the story of gang members of Cinta that has now been transformed into a metropolitan women who consider drinking sweet iced tea at a roadside of Yogyakarta is very special and also Rangga are still struggling with the problems of life lived with a sense of reluctance. With the distance of time so long from the first film, the sequel of Ada Apa Dengan Cinta? 2 is expected to be the answer of all the puzzles in the first Ada Apa Dengan Cinta?. Unfortunately the answer is presented entirely unsatisfactory and it just feels like delicious cotton candy chew, but it did not leave an impression.

The unique love story of Rangga and Cinta was indeed sensational. They mutually harbored feelings and when they know the way they do was wrong, separation at the airport is the best way to vent it all. When they were reunited fourteen years later, they are hard to find an appropriate logic to justify the repetition of pieces romance conducted on the previous films.

Ada Apa Dengan Cinta? and its sequel should not be regarded too seriously. This movie soared is aimed to please the audience. But when the screenplay was written hastily and ignored the logic, the good idea like anything will not stain in the memory. The famous film director Riri Riza and the screenwriter Mira Lesmana was unsuccessfully laid the foundation of reality to the story of Ada Apa Dengan Cinta? 2. From the beginning of the film, already make the audience confused. The gang of Cinta gathered to wait for Karmen, who was recently completed of the problem, and cinta and gang felt to need to console her go on vacation. After everyone was assembled, Cinta announced her engagement with Trian. In these scenes were not told previously how karmen problem before and how Cinta can have relationships with Trian. Thus making the audience had to guess what happened earlier.

Meanwhile in New York Rangga look restless, as usual, when he comes to the coffee shop that he had with his friends. He felt restless and he did not know why he felt that way. Moreover, during this audience knows that Rangga always looks like a lot of problems to him. Suddenly his half-sister came all the way from Yogyakarta to convey that Rangga should meet with her mother, the mother he had never met after 25 years. Whereas in the first film rangga mother never referred her existence and who knows what happened to his mother. But in Ada Apa Dengan Cinta? 2 his mother suddenly presented that make the audience more and more confused with the plot of the story.

With the set-up as weak as that, it is easy to imagine how it would be the film did. The story is not better to be followed and some parts were something forced. Writing the story like the first time create a scenario and still do not understand how to write a story. Each character like not built properly and the background of the story character is also not strong even for people who are supposed to be in thirties are nothing changes from each other’s behavior while still in school. The only figure that had not been changed in this film is Milly who still entertained by her acting, that are funny and ridiculous.

Rangga that now is not the person who sensitive like in the first film, he had more initiative now. Whenever Cinta was angry, he felt need to improve the situation, he did not want to waste time maybe just a bit of it. In a series of this scene the audience are invited to recall how strong chemically created by the two actors. If this movie is only focused on the two of them, this film definitely better. But for another reason, it seems indeed story of Cinta and Rangga enough to end up at the school period.


-My experience when I watch Ada Apa dengan Cinta? 2



Word count: 745 words

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