[Memoir] My Young Age Was The Reflection of My Future

Sifa Deana Dara

This was happened when I stayed in sixth grade. It is so funny to share you about my experienced when I was a little girl. I was fond of played with my two loyal friends that used to accompany me, or it could be called that we used to stick around together wherever we went. Their names were Ai and Desi. We used to go to school together. But one day we were had some trouble that made us of three separated – it was actually not we all have had the trouble, but such a system, when one of united things broke, it would broke the whole parts.

Afterwards, we often just met –we were in the same class- and had no longer conversation and sometimes we used to come home together because our house has almost in the same address, no more. At first, I felt my life was so boring. There was not a friend that had the same passion with me until I met and acquainted with a new friend in my class when I was fifth grade, she was move from another city, but I was forget what city it was. At first I knew her as usual, and did not think that she would be as crazy as me and my old best friends were used to. I was recognise her so well.

Her name was Nur Fadillah. We had always shared many things. Foods, times, secrets, helps and all things we could share. We were so close and she has had always by my side. She was my new best friend, afterwards. We used to stick together. There was a moment that I could not forget until now. It was happened in our break time of schooling. It was a Friday in the afternoon. We were seat infront of principal’s room, several miles next to our class. I even still remember that I wore a pink long shirt – like nowadays, in several elementary schools, each moeslims student has to wear long shirt- and Nur wore the white one. We were watch students that were playing Loncat Tinggi or jump high – a game uses rubbers string that tied each other and there one person that hold at both tip side.

They were two years younger students. We watched and were laughing a fat girl student that was being played the game. Her body was quivering when her foot was step-up on the land after some seconds flew in the air. I knew it was such a fool thing we did. While I was laughing at the girl, there was a girl student – she was my classmate, names Putri, she was a popular girl with her beauty and altogether she wa strengthen with his gang. –Ijo Lumut gang (Ikatan Jomblo Imut, euwwh) came up from the gate entrance of our school and in the same time, I was pointed out my finger while laughed to the fat girl that had in the same angle with Putri but different in distance, Putri was more far then the other one. So, you know as a popular girl she didn’t want to accept such this despicable treated from such girl like me that actually it was just misconception. Her eyes were bulged out and she kept looking at me sadistic. Nur, that seat next to me, tried to calm me down.

I tried to don’t care about this, and hoped that everything would be fine as well – I was only tried, but actually I knew what would happened next, to me. So, when breaking time had over, Nur and I back to the class. I felt there was something different. Every member – sevent members- of Ijo Lumut gang were looking at me sharply, and it gave me signal to know what kind of situation that I would face then. The time has had come, the time for us to come home arrived. We, Ai, Desi and me were walking the street, the Ijo Lumut members there were walking behind us, not as usual, they used to going home separately, because their house far from each other. Then Desi know that I would have a trouble with them and chose to persuade Ai to take a distance with me because she was afraid she would be taken in this matter but fortunately Ai – the brave girl refused,and said that she didn’t need to do that, it was none of her business she tought, and then she calm Desi down.

I was grateful and thought that I would have a partner in the soon-battle would be. At first, I felt nervous what would I did to face them, they kept followed us – me, actually. After several seconds later, I couldn’t find whether Ai or Desi beside me, because they were have gone while I was thinking at few seconds before. I was felt that it was a betrayal of my old best friends. Then the judgement had come, they were interrogate me with such questions that made me a little nervous, the first one who begin the conversation was Puji – the leader of the gang- she asked me why did I laughed at Putri, and Putri said that she didn’t accept such embarrassing thing. Then I explained what was actually happened, but they kept didn’t accept my reason. Then we all were started made a quarrel in the street. I was so pitty, that I have had to fight – word-fight fortunately, not physicly with the seven members of Ijo Lumut that consisted of the one big-size girl, short-size one, three slight-size girls and two ideal-size remaining. I kept interrogated by them till I was brave to said such rough languages to them, and threated them that I would reported them to our teacher for this matter. We kept quarreled along the street, and I was lonely without any partner that might be defended me. But fortunately I can still faced them in this useless and fool debated. At home, I cried and told my mother abouth this case, and she said that I have to be strong to facec all the bad things in my life whatsoever, because in this life we wouldn’t just enjoyed the happy things only, life was not that nice as a thought.

From that moment, it makes me realize that I have to be ready to deal with this life of whatsoever comes to me. Either good or bad. I have to think and feel those things – happy or sad- whenever and wherever I am. The experience taught and told me that what I was going through was the step and representation of what kind I am and my character is.

No reference.

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