[Biography] Jokowi in Biography

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Ir. H. Joko Widodo who is more commonly known as Jokowi. Born in Surakarta, Central Java, on June 21, 1961. Jokowi is the eldest son of his father Noto Mihardjo and his mother Sujiatmi Notomihardjo. He is the oldest son from four children, and the rest are his younger sisters. Jokowi came from a family that is unpretentious. However, with his own hard-work, Jokowi can achieve his success until now he serves as the seventh President. Joko Widodo attended primary school to intermediate educational institution in the city of Solo, Central Java. When he started school in the elementary school he had worked as kuli panggul, ojek payung and while trading to help with the cost of his education and for daily needs. When he’s 12 years old, Jokowi has been working as a tukang gergaji, a skilled job taught by his father Noto Mihardjo. And then, his thoughts of leadership and the toughness of life formed.

Graduated from primary school, he continued at SMPN 1 Surakarta, SMAN 6 Surakarta. And later on continue studying at one of the leading universities in Yogyakarta, Department of Forestry and Gajah Mada University. In there, he was very keen to learn about the wood, processing methods and the benefits. Jokowi completed his studies in 1985. After finishing from college, he continued to work at one of the companies named PT. Kraft Aceh. But he didn’t last long and he chose to continue the furniture business owned by his family which is located in the town of Sragen, Solo, Central Java. Not long, Jokowi has been working in his furniture business, he has already received a lot of benefits.

In 1986 he was married to Mrs. Hj. Iriana Joko Widodo on December 24 and they have three children from his marriage Gibran Rakabuming, Kaesang Pangarep and Kahiyang Ayu. He started the furniture business in Solo, Central Java. He came to work in a furniture company belonging to his uncle. He has got a lot of experience from his job, Jokowi brave his selves to open his own furniture business in 1988, which was given the name CV. Rakabu. Inspirate by his child name. 2-year in a new business, Jokowi already felt wobbly and nearly bankrupt. But he ventured to borrow money from his mother and he rose again to lead a CV furniture business Rakabu. Jokowi started many timber orders from domestic to overseas, because he’s diligent, honest, and hardworking.

Jokowi was appointed as mayor of Solo in 2005 until 2012. He’s nominated by PDI-P and PKB. But he has not a lot of experience in politics, yet he own a lot of achievements during his activities that he did as mayor of Solo. And Solo becomes more comfortable and look tidier in the structuring of the city. From there, Jokowi is known to the society, especially in the city of Solo, that he’s a humble figure with all his achievements.

From his success, Vice President Jusuf Kalla asked Jokowi to run as Governor of Jakarta. To become a governor is not very easy. There are many rivalries that will be faced. One of which is the competition between political parties become more aggressive. From the hard-work that he did, eventually Jokowi won the election in the second around having served as Governor of Jakarta in 2012-2014. Jokowi has many visions that he will follow up during the first campaign. After being elected Governor he began one by one to work on his projects, such as improving irrigation, arrangement of street vendors, as well as improving transportation problem in capital city of Jakarta. He also made a policy such as, making a health-insurance card for healthier Jakarta, Jakarta Smart cards for education, improving the transportation system, and the reduction of bureaucracy nepotism in Jakarta with the auction system office.

After he served as Governor, he gets busier with positive activities that he does, until the society is proud to have the Governor of Jakarta like Jokowi. Jokowi’s popularity is high that everyone is sure he will rose to the top as the President. Because of that, the Ex-President Megawati who was in the PDI-P asked Jokowi to run as President with his partner, Jusuf Kalla. Advancement of Jokowi as President was supported by four parties, PDI-P, Nasdem, Hanura and Kebangkitan Bangsa. Finally, in July 2014 Jokowi officially becomes the 7th President.

Jokowi was inaugurated as President on October 20, 2014 in the DPR/MPR RI. After he was inaugurated, Jokowi started moving what he had planned previously. Starting from the card Indonesia sehat, Indonesia pintar. In the territorial waters of Indonesia, especially in the field of maritime Jokowi gives instructions to the fish thieves. In addition, Jokowi cares for the development projects by dividing more than 1,000 tractors in order to improve agricultural production. However, there is a policy in protest by many people, caused by the rising price of fuel (fuel oil). Regardless of many people who don’t agree with it, Jokowi is rated as a leading figure who brings a lot of progress, both when he served as mayor of Solo and Jakarta Governor.




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