[Article] Minangkabau People Have to Know and Realize the Philosophy of Minangkabau

Indri Haryati Suadha

Minangkabau teenagers should know and apply the philosophy of Minagkabau. Nowadays, Minangkabau youth have not know anymore what the customary philosophy of Minangkabau base on syara’ grounded on Kitabullah is. They do not understand how to realize it. Furthermore, minangkabau teenagers also think that the philosophy is old-fashioned, not practical, and out of date. For example, many teenagers do not use the three manners that Minangkabau has, they do not know how to behave with the older, the younger and the peer. When the philosophy was still used, no woman unusual veil and no one in Minangkabau did free sex.

Minangkabau has some social groups called sub ethnics. The sub etnics have 2 leaders, datuak as a leader at custom field, and buya as a leader at religious field. Today, Minangkabau teenagers have left their custom about respecting and following their leader. They have suffered from what is called as “a trust crisis” because nowadays, many of the leaders do not have the good understanding of religious value and traditional values. It happens due to fact that they did not know the ideology completely when they were young.

The Philosophy of Minagkabau

West Sumatera is one of many places that have life strongly bound by philosophical groundwork. The custom or tribe of West Sumatera is Minangkabau. They have the strong culture system of values. It has been passed from generation to generation. Minangkabau have proverbs as the identity of life used as guidance in their life. The philosophy is” Adat Basandi Syara’, Syara’ Basandi Kitabullah”. It means that the custom of Minagkabau is based on islamic low, while the islamic low is based on Al-quran. Minangkabau people use the philosophy as guidance to do everything in their life.

Although Minangkabau culture has strong grip on Islam, the society also puts into practice the traditional hereditary custom. This Minangkabau custom is derived from Animism values and it has also been influenced by Hindu culture or tradition that came before Islam. Today there is much deviation of the philosophy that has been out of the rules.

Before Islam came to Indonesia, the West Sumatra society still had many kind of faith such as Animism, Hinduism, Buddhism, or Atheism. After that, Islam came to West Sumatera and then they became muslim society. After the Islam had been spread in Ranah Minang, Islam has become an etnic identity. After Paderi War, the ideology of Minangkabau turned into “Adat Basandi Syara’, Syara’ Basandi Kitabullah”(Artikel: 09 Januari 2009 09:55 http://melayuonline.com/artikel)

Finally Islam became a fondation for Minangkabau society to do everything in their life. The elders of Minagkabau state that the philosophy has many value consisting of Adat Basandi Syara’. They have 5 values, namely divine value, humane value, unity and unitary, and collective bargaining values, democratic value, and social value.

Today, Minangkabau teenagers have left the ideology of Minagkabau. It happens becouse of many factors such as liberal culture, tecnology and modrenization. The teenagers do not have a desire anymore to know the ideology. The education system in West Sumatra is not also concerned with it. They have not considered the ideology of Minangkabau. It makes the teenagers not know the five values of the ideology.

Nowadays, the ideology of Minagkabau ideoogy, Adat Basandi Syara, Syara’ Basandi Kitabullah, is just a set of words that is not used as the basis to do everything. Minangkabau teenagers do free sex, ethnocentrism has decreased and the leaders only become the symbols of leadershipin the region.

Minagkabau teenagers have to know and understand that the ideology of Minagkabau can give much contribution to built the ideal characters as Minangkabau teenagers such as devine values, humane values, unity and unitary values, democratic value, tolerance, moral values, social values. The pillaars are the basis for the teenagers to live succesfully. If they can apply the pillars, they can be real humans. Every pillar that they need also refes to the right source.

Every activity has to be based on Al-quran and Sunnah. All about the cutom is based on Allah’s words. Everyone works appropriately with their competences. If someone does something that is not understood, it will raise a bobber. Minangkabau society has to be optimistic, dynamic, and active. They can always keep the religion and custom as well. Everybody hes to be responsible when doing activities. If they want to do something, they must think of it seriously. They have to responsible for their decisions.

Humanity, tolerance, morality, democration, and social values have educated the teenagers who do the differentiation of social class divercity. Everybody was created to be sensitive and pay attention to what is happening around. Everyone has to advice and help each other. Every member of society inspires and helps everybody to increase their quality. If someone gets a problem, everyone feels it as well. Every Minang society is always together at any state. The human values can be realize if all of the societies run their functions. The younger respect the older people, while the older are the caretakers and advisors to the younger.

Unitary and unity values is the important value that society has. If the society does not have strong unitary, their sovereignty will be in danger, like Paderi war. The warfare between ulama and penghulu caused by the fact that they had been provoked by the Dutch. If we have a problem, we have to solve together by reaching agreemant to all people. Do not take decision unilaterally. Ideology grows up and is based on the society’s activities. It will also be realized when every member of society can participate in it. It has to be in reality if the society is aware of our requirements with the custom taht is based on Islam and Islam is based on Al-quran. The teenagers are a part of society who will give great contribution to the making of the Minangkabau ideology renascent.

The resurgence of the Ideology will be a new expectation to Minangkabau society, especialy to the teenagers in the future. For example, the teenagers of Minangkabau will be the one who respect others, have tolerance, behave with other people in the same way as Al-quran as examplized and allah has told them to do. Besides that, the teenagers of minagkabau will be the ones who are morally good, raising the values reflecting the real ideology and philosophy of Minangkabau. Eventually, they will raise the culture of Indonesia.

The Minangkabau ideology that is practiced in teenager’ life will create strong characters, such as leadership spirit, wisdom, patience, and objective thingking. It also makes the teenagers know what they want to be, what will they do to contribute the nation, state and religion. What is more, the characteristic can produce creative ideas to drum up their regions, create the technology products for the people who are proud of them.

Futhermore, the teenagers have to realize the ideology because the values resulting from the ideology give many adventages for the contribution of helping the goverment to keep the balance of our state, for example, reducing the crime, increasing the quality of human resources, creating the creative product of the wastes, increasing low-price raw products, making high-price product. Many people will be helped to increase and fine their potension. It can also help them etermine their choices.

All in all, it can concluded that the Minangkabau ideology has to be raealized because it will give many advantages to our life. We can find our potention, increase our creativity, and keep our national balances. The ideology that is based on Islam, while Islam is based on kitabullah is a precise ideology to be guidance and foundation to do everything in this life.


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