[Article] Jatinangor Food

Dudu Abdul Halim

If you live in Jatinangor, usually you will confuse of where you are going to eat. Especially when we, students, are facing the end of the month. Here, I will give you a guide or a review about some food in Jatinangor. This article will give you information about the price, the place and the taste of the food. But, I will only included places I have gone to.

First, I will tell about some places in Hegarmanah area. I used to live in Hegarmanah for one year, but there are just two places that I will review in this area. The first one is a fried rice stall inside kost Ria Asri. I know this place because I used to live in Ria Asri, the owner of this fried rice is an old couple who also live in Ria Asri. The taste of this fried rice is based on who cook it, the old woman cooks better than her husband. But sometimes, her husband does the cook when she is not around. You need to pay Rp 12.000,00 to Rp 16.000,00 for one fried rice. Even though the price is more expensive than other fried rice, this fried rice will also give you more rice than the other. The second one is Barokah. Barokah is a Sundanese restaurant, I like this place because I am a Sundanese and it makes me feel at home whenever I eat there. I do not know exactly the price range of this place. But, everytime I eat there I have never paid more than Rp 10.000,00.

The second area I will review is Ciseke area. Ciseke is the most crowded place in Jatinangor. Especially when it comes into dinner time. There are lots of cafes or restaurants in this area. It feels like Ciseke is the central of Jatinangor for me. I will divide Ciseke area into two parts, there are Ciseke Luar and Ciseke Dalam. The first one is Ciseke Luar, most of the restaurant or cafe in Ciseke are in Ciseke Luar. There are Kedai Indra, Ayam Goreng Laos, Talijiwo, Nyamleng, Campernik, Dapua Uda, Bebek Jegeg and Ramen Ranjang. Mostly in Ciseke Luar the restaurant’s speciality are chicken with many variation of seasoning. Except, Kedai Indra offers variation of seafood as their speciality, Bebek Jegeg offers variation of duck and Ramen Ranjang offers variation ramen. The price range in these restaurant and cafe are Rp 15.000,00 to Rp 30.000,00. The second one is Ciseke Dalam, the food stalls in this area are cheaper than the one in Ciseke Luar. I do not know much about the food stall in Cisele Dalam, there are just few places I have gone to in Ciseke Dalam. There are Pujasera Ciseke, Gemboel, Tutug Oncom and Nasi Kari. The price range in there food stall are Rp 10.000,00 to Rp 20.000,00.

The third area is Sayang, in this area there is just a few food stall I will review. There will be Warung Super Sambal (SS) and Ayam Merapi that I will review from Sayang. Warung SS is also one of the most popular place to eat in Jatinangor. Even though the place is far from Jatinangor main road, many people would love to go to this place. This restaurant offers many kind of sambal and Indonesian food. The price range is Rp 15.000,00 – Rp 30.000,00. Ayam Merapi offers a spicy fried chicken, in this place people mostly order a package of Ayam Merapi at the price of Rp 15.000,00 for each package.

While those are some food stall in some area in Jatinangor, there is also some famous restaurant or cafe in Jatinangor. The most popular cafe in Jatinangor for me is Checo Cafe. In this cafe there are serving many kinds of dishes, such as Indonesian, Western and Asian dish. There is also some kind of live music here to accompany you every night. The price range in this cafe is starts from Rp 13.000,00 to Rp 40.000,00. The other popular cafe in Jatinangor that I have gone to is Ngopi Doeloe. Similar to Checo Cafe, Ngopi Doeloe also serving Indonesian, Western and Asian dishes. Although it is not as popular as Checo Cafe, the price range in this cafe is more expensive than Checo Cafe. Starts from Rp 19.000,00 to Rp 77.000,00.

In Jatinangor many kind of foods are serving from Indonesian food to Western food. Those are some food that I could describe in this article. Although many kind of food is not included in this article it does not mean that it is not good enough. There are also some good places that serve good food which is not written in this article. After all I hope this article could useful for the reader.


– My own experience in Jatinangor.



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