[Article] How to Survive as Mahasiswa PP Jatinangor-Bandung

Alma Fitri Steviana

Actually, Jatinangor-Bandung is not that far. The distance between Jatinangor and Bandung depends on where Bandung your house is, whether you drive your own vehicles and other things. Jatinangor and Bandung can be very close if your house were next to McDonald’s Cibiru or Cimol Gede Bage meanwhile somebody whose house in Kopo need to struggles more. Being mahasiswa PP Jatinangor-Bandunghas both advantages and disadvantages. If you decided to travel every day from Bandung to Jatinangor to come to class, you don’t have to adapting in a new place, unlike if you rent your own place in Jatinangor, you have to think every details you need from lunch to laundry. But you have to be on time to catch the public transportation, you won’t have that five-minutes-more after wake up in the morning, even sometimes you need rush right after Damri because they mysteriously don’t have specific schedule. You also need to pay attention to your stuffs, homework or courses material, you have to be sure that everything you need is in your backpack, because it is not easy to travel from Jatinangor to Bandung if you forget your things. But it doesn’t mean you can’t survive Jatinangor-Bandung.

The first way to survive as mahasiswa PP Jatinangor-Bandung is having your own vehicles to campus. By driving your own cars or motorbikes, you don’t have to worry about limited public transportation from Jatinangor to Bandung or the other way around, which usually the very last bus is at five o’clock. Your own vehicles allow you to join every kind of campus organizations and activities without any worries of being late at home. But, driving your own vehicles to campus also has negative sides, like, you can easily get tired as you arrive at campus because some of your energy has already used in driving, moreover if there is a traffic jam.

If you don’t have your own cars or motorbikes and feel the luxury of freely heading in and out Jatinangor by yourself, don’t be worry, because you can still safely going home by various public transportation such as bus, travel and other public transportations around Jatinangor. There are so many advantages that you can get by using public transportation besides you also help to make the world a better place as you are not contributing indirectly to increase the pollution. One of the advantages that you can get by using public transportation is you don’t have to drive yourself two hours away to and from Bandung which means you can rest along the way and you can still have energy to forced yourself not to sleep at class, you can also read at the bus, listen to music, watch videos, or even do your homework on the way to campus. There are so many things you can do if you are using public transportations.

Besides transportations, you have to pay attention on your activities at campus. If you don’t want to easily get tired because it takes longer for you to go home but you also need to be active student at campus, you have to manage your campus activities. Join and attend only necessary events at campus, like seminars, workshops or trainings that supporting your education. It doesn’t mean you cannot hang out by simply go to a café or having dinner together with your friends in Jatinangor, you can do those stuffs twice or once a week since the public transportation is limited and you also have to be careful to drive or go home late. Moreover, by managing your activities at campus, you can learn how to prioritize things and decide whether something is important or not.

Last but not least, all you need to survive Jatinangor-Bandung is spirit. Because there will be a lot of barriers and problems that will thirst you emotionally. For example, sometimes the classes are canceled just exactly when you arrived at Jatinangor or you need to drive two hours away just to submit assignments and sign the presence list then come back to Bandung. But, after all, the problems and barriers that you need to face will make you smarter in organize things and manage yourself, far away from being comfort, and become a better person.


– Personal experiences

– Friends experiences

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