[Article] 5 Things You Have To Deal With As The Pedestrian Of Jatinangor

Ratih Kusuma Negara

I am one of the majorities of students in Jatinangor that commute from their dorms to campus by feet. After hundreds of solitary walks in the past almost two years, I have come to notice the challenges that I got take on when living as the pedestrian of Jatinangor. The stores, the stupid people that parked their lousy cars in our lane, the tempting yet stomach scrunching food stalls, all things I personally find distractingly annoying. Well, here they are.

1.The tempting food stalls

Let’s get fat, go fats!

As you walk down the street of Jatinangor, you’ll find the wonder of various kind of food. They sure are tempting but… you never know about their sanitary. You never know when diarrhea will strike or what kind of food that causes it. Unless you got the paunch of Samson the jungle boy then no Streptococcus Bacillus will drag you down from munching the delish of Jatinangor’s street food. Just kidding, they are safe as long as you don’t eat too much. I have stopped myself from blabbering empty talks that I will save some money. Because in fact, I still find myself spending money on food, specifically street food. Freshly fried gorengan, bihun telor gulung, seblak basah and lumpiah basah are the ones that I find the most mouth-watering. Be aware! They are extremely good that you may not be able to take it!

2.The becek-becek kuyup experience

An exaggeration on how heavy rain looks like in Jatinangor, it’s taken in Mumbai by the way

As much as I love devouring the smell of raindrops raping the soil, I still don’t find it cute to walk down the stony and muddy pavement of Jatinangor during heavy rains. My feet got to swim through the various depth of rain formed stony ponds. Mild reminder that rains in Jatinangor usually followed by strong winds that most of the time my umbrella is kind of useless. The raindrops will still be able to splash right onto my bag and face regardless being under the protection of an umbrella. I will still find my bag soaking wet armoring my back. However, a poncho and a pair of waterproof shoes will do. I guess.

3.The giggly slow walkers

Storm off!

I usually found this kind of pedestrian on my way from FIB to Gerbang Lama Unpad. I am not exactly the kind of person that is always in a hurry. I just walk in a deliberately fast pace, which is why squads of loud girls with mirth laughter slowly swaggering in front of me can bust my nuts. In case you might find the chance to avoid this kind of pedestrian, here’s a sneak peak of their characteristics according to the ones that I have encountered with:

  • They come out in like four or five pack of girls
  • They are extremely loud
  • They walk with the speed of snail
  • They mind their own business (their blabbers) like the world revolves around them

When I am faced with this kind of pedestrian, I usually would storm off their way from the empty side and do the sassy hair-flip underneath. Please don’t do that it was a joke.

4.The inanimate pedestrians

What we talk about when we talk about inanimate pedestrians

What, inanimate? Pedestrians supposed to walk how could they be… inanimate? I tell you this is the one thing that ruins your oh-so-pleasing solitary walks under the orange twilight of Jatinangor. In my first day of college, I found this lousy car always parked in a specific spot and haven’t moved an inch of its sticky tires ever since I first saw it. Every time I walked down that pavement, I got to take the gut to walk side by side with huge trucks passing by only like 10 centimeters away from my left arm. It’s scary that I got used to it. And don’t forget the healthy CO2 sprays combusting out of their mucky machines slapping right onto my face. What a nice day, right? Other than that, fancy cars that stopped by some warteg or restaurants most of the time are in the way too, considering that some restaurants don’t have a big enough parking lot. But really the last thing they should do is confiscating the pedestrians’ lane.

5.The stupid pedestrians with their stupid inanimate pedestrians

Vehicles confiscating the pedestrians’ rights

This is the most notorious kind of pedestrian. Well, they’re not exactly right to be called as “pedestrians”. However, they are constantly found in the way of pedestrian with their vehicles on, motorcycle to be exact. I have encountered this kind of pest for quite many times. The one that left the worst impression in mind was the one in my second semester here. I was almost got hit by a motorcycle that strolled in the pavement I usually walked on while going to my dorm house and guess what the stupid guy did? He angrily pressed the loud horn towards me like I was in HIS way. Like, “excuse me I was almost got hit by your ignorance?” The guy sure had taken stupidity into a whole new level. Also, I find it quite saddening that once I told some of my fellow Jatinangor pedestrian, most of them has also found and faced people who are riding their motorcycles on the pavement. I hope this thing won’t happen again.


-My almost two years experiences as the pedestrian of Jatinangor

-What We Talk About When We Talk About Love by Raymond Carver

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Word count: 910 words

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