[Memoir] The Eyewitness

Fajri Prima Irfan

I was the first generation in SMA 1 Kecamatan Payakumbuh, Kabupaten 50 Kota, West Sumatera. When I was studying there, I always been admired Pak Mulyadi which is we call him Pak Mul. Previously he teach in SMA 1 Kecamatan Guguak, and he was transffered to be a headmaster in our school. He is the art teacher, and he has a uniqe body language and the soft speech to adviced the students when they were so late to coming in the class, as well as who be caught smoking in the street. First time the school was inaugurated, this school rent The Madrasah Tsanawiyah (Islamic School) building which is three classes on the ground floor.

After I graduated from junior high school, I really want to be the student of senior high school for using the white-grey uniform. Yes, finally I got the uniform. It was very strange, I was not felt being the senior high school student because the students of white-blue uniform still seen in my surroundings, even I wear the different uniform. The thing that made it worse, my school have not fence, and in addition our school is the elementary school building. It is so ridiculous, we have three kind of uniforms in one environment and the different behavior as well, but we always played in the same yard.

At first, I am not sure if this school will be the ordinary senior high school which has its own building, because the students we have only 120 and have not teachers. The teachers that teach there just as a loan from other senior high school. So many negative rumor we got everyday. That school would not been the ordinary senior high school, and the all students will dropout they said. As a new school which does not the building, the students from others high school often making fun of us because of the building status, but we do not care about it. The thing we were afraid are the argrarian conflict, the foundation from government was channeled, and probably next years this school was not accept the new students anymore because our school has not building.

At that time, I saw Pak Mul as a leader, the feeling of love for the school made him to powning his car to the bank. I think, he worked hard so long to get that car, but he was willing to do that. He believed that the school will be favorite high school in Kabupaten 50 Kota someday. As the leader become rule model for everyone, he always came to the school early morning, and he was waiting for the arrival of the teachers and the students in front of the school gate till the bells ring, after that he will check the classrooms one by one. If he saw a deserted classroom, then he will look for students to the canteen, he did it everyday. His students are so poor, and I am the one of them. The Gengs and I always be caught smoking and gambled Domino by him in canteen, but he never punished us such as cleaning the toilet and etcetera. However, he adviced us with his uniqe style, he said“we”, that mean is “we are a witness history of this school, then we have to fight so that the school could be the ordinary in 50 Kota someday” I always remember that till now.

In the second year, this school accepted 300 students of junior high school in Kabupaten 50 Kota. We still rent The Madrasah Tsanawiyah building, but the building conflict was done and the foundation from government was coming. That mean our school will have own building. Six mounth later, we have moved to the new building. Our school have four buildings, the first building has two classrooms, the second building has three clasrooms, and the third and fourth buildings have nine classrooms.

In third year, so many students of the junior high school in Kabupaten 50 Kota wanna be the students of SMA 1 Kecamatan Payakumbuh. Time flies so fast, this school had been favorite by the junior high school students every years. Pak Mul had been successful to make it being a favorite school, and I am so proud of him. When someone ask me about that school, then I will answer “Pak Mul”.

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