Persona Non Grata

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Persona Non Grata

Summary: Four years of peaceful marriage was a life of a petty officer Mary Jane Kelly. Serving her country for over six years in Everglades, Florida was always a passion for her. Every day was a quiet and lazy life for her and her husband Zachary Ripley Kelly as it was like everyone’s in Everglades. They were popular for their safe and romantic marriage over the years in the neighborhood and it has always been that way, until an unwelcomed gossip of Mary’s husband with his colleagues in Everglades City School had some connection with Mary’s recently handed case of serial killing.

Day 1:

The victim of the past few days was Leona Broadwood, a single 26 years old hispanic from Tallahassee. The remains of the victim was discovered in a cabin near Lake Lafayette, only drops of her blood and pieces from unkown body part was found. The victim also used to study at College of Central Florida achieving cumlaude in her graduation. The investigation continues as stated by Sgt. O’Niel yesterday thoroughly in Everglades mostly on swamp area. How curious it is as if they simply know the killer did the excecution near water, remembering that in Tallahasse water area was only 2.5% compared to the remaining area. What if it was only coincidence that the victim’s remains founded near water. Something tells me the feds didn’t tells us everything.

April 8th, 1989

I have patrolled over the town just to tell myself that the case I’m investigating got nothing with my family or neighborhood. Just for the sake of my sanity…

By the way, I got to buy a lovely grape pie to Jacky tomorrow as an apologize, in case he didn’t like my grilled tourkey last night…as if a McDonald’s gigantic Big Mac not enough pfft but whatever. I made him a really special grilled tourkey with my own spices yesterday when he came back from a seminar at Saint Leo University. I really love to see him ate the meal that I made but seeing him eating my tourkey forcedly last night is kind of unsettling to see. Anywho, yesterday I met Mrs.Angelica Tobia from Everglades City School. She said something about some new young teacher being flirty about my husband but his reaction was surprising she said. She said that he looked like a innocent boy being flirted around and fled to his parents. I am not surpised actually, that is the reaction that kept us as peaceful as today. Mrs.Angelica seems understood and at the same time she envy our harmony in our house. I think watching a lot of Oprah’s show and reading Chicken’s Soup family harmony really pays off for me.

“What are you doing here!?”

“Don’t you see I’m just chilling with my mates ‘ere?”

“You’re crossing the line of our agreement Mary, haven’t we talked about this?” yelled Jack dreadfully angry.

“Just because I’m a cop? Or is it because the gossips were wrong about you? Why I can’t be a welcomed regular wife that wanted to talk things out, Jack?” said Mary while holding her temper.

“Listen dear, we have an agreement it’s that simple so… so simple that it what holds us together like this okay.” Said jack lowering his tone.

“SO why are you hanging out with a dead colleague of yours yesterday?” shouted Mary.

“It’s it’s…” said Jack stuttering.

“I may not familiar with this place Jack but I know this place longer than you, I also know why Denise only worked on your day hour since then.”

“Where did you know that sweetie? You can’t even think that’s for real right?” said Jack beginning to cracks.

“Said Denise, and my own investigation.”

“You investigate your own husband Mary? You dare to do so? You… you… you just crossed the line Mary, I’m done with this bullshit and you know you’re unwelcomed here you the rest of the cops are the same… unwelcomed here” said Jack.

“So it’s true?” pried Mary while holding her tears over Jack that already walked away.

This night was a long night for me for Jack had gone from home and I am persona non grata to my husband this noon. I kept thinking why this is happening in the first place and how this mess set in motion. I soothe myself by walking to my old father warehouse, looking at his old tools we used to use while hunting alligator and fishing together in Saturday morning before going to patrol in Everglades National Park again. My father hunted hundreds of alligator by that he was popular among town for his fearsome hunting expertise and his helpful figure around the neighborhood… that’s why I sign up for this… for that was also his heirloom, his passion…

Then I saw something strange with my father catching pole…

Day 2:

Another victim has been found in the swamp near Floriday Bay Shore Southwest of Everglades National Park. The victim was found at a tragic condition without arm and face has been peeled off. The severe wounds were suspected to be a bite from a particular predator and the face was peeled by a sharp skinning tools restricted only for hunting use. Forensic team found the DNA from the victim belongs to Sophia De Costa a teacher in Everglades City School. I particularly found a peculiar shirt button in the crime scene after the CSI team scan the area. The thing were so peculiar enough to brought such an overwhelming unwelcomed perception. I need to investigate further about this matter. The FBI seemed to miss some details because of the terrain and the density of the forest. Because I am more familiar with the terrain, I am going to do a re-check on the crime scene until I find some lead up to this case even without the superior authority.

April 9th, 1989

Cheesy cheers maties! I finally had some time to throw away any kind of respondsibility for a while in George Lukas’s third grandson birthday. Mr.George’s home not far from our home just near the river banks of western Everglades National Park but also not too far from our neighborhood, as if I always deny that I’m such a redneck hehe..

But the important thing was.. The soothing smell of crisp tenderloins, sausages, hams, and special T-bone that I bought from walmart with barbeque sauce along with some potatoes on the edge of the bonfire and some budweisser always helps. Talk and drink away all my problems with twelve Mr.George’s son and daughter, but when they talk about parenting and all Jacky and I are a bit not welcomed to the conversation. I don’t know if they envy or simply took a pity on our condition. Anyway… there were also another unwelcomed gossip regarding the murder yesterday near Florida Bay Shore I simply thought about all of those gossip as a shady murmuring of an old man, I am sick with the all those horrors… like a flash of memory brought back to me why I sign up for this bullshit.

This noon I came to Jack’s favorite bar Jipsy’s Heel, a place where we agreed to be his private place so I won’t disturb his time with his friends as stated in Chicken’s Soup Marriage Harmony on chapter X that respecting each private space to avoid unnecessary conflict in a marriage. This is what actually make me uneasy for years, as for me my personal private place was my warehouse beside my house that stores my father heirloom such as; his hunting equipment, and some fishing tools.

I may have crossed the border that made our marriage like today, but that was my limit with all that swirling gossip about the new teacher in Everglades City School. I came as an unwelcomed guests if may say so myself… image going through a bar full of long bearded rednecks trucker and I came in my complete uniform.

His face said everything about what was going to happen. He straight away yells at me and drag me to back of the bar while his friends staring upon him looking shocked with his unusual reaction.

It is unusual…

Mary’s Warehouse

It has a spilled blood on the nocks. What’s make me so uneasy was my father’s skinning knife, somebody had sharpened it recently. I don’t remember had sharpened it before not in a very… very long time.

So somebody… someone unwelcomed had crossed my line of privacy in the first place.

I quickly ran to my father cabin near western of Everglades National Park. I hear voices of a man and a women from the inside, a slight rambling and chuckles.

It was


Denise was tied up in a chair having blood all over her face and I saw her tongue already on the floor.

Mary arrived in her father’s old cabin.

Mary shouted at Jack while pointing her gun at him. “Jack stop! Why!? Why!? Is that even you? My Jack?”

“Ahhhh… and unwelcomed guest I see tehehee” said Jack while chuckling. “What’s the matter, Mary? Don’t like what you see? Isn’t it always the point of respecting each other privacy honey?”

“Don’t you honey me, murderer!” shouted Mary with tears dropping in her cheeks.

“You want to know the truth, Mary? Why everything set in motion for the very first place? It’s not that I’m a disturbed person or anything, instead it’s what an unwelcomed bastard had to do to a cruel world, Mary. For 10 years for fucking ten years, Mary. I fancied myself as a family man… but what kind of family that can’t give his wife a child, Mary!? I am an UNWELCOMED CHILD in this world, Mary! Yet my love didn’t stop me for marrying you, dear.” Explained Jack.

“You see now dear meet our children… your children” while pointing the alligators on water that Jack caught.

“That’s my father’s collection… how… how did you get them?” pried Mary.

“They who cleaned my dirt on the road, dear… that’s why even the feds couldn’t even trace me in this swamp.” Said Jack.

“For my love is stronger than my remorse, dear, I killed everyone who dare to threaten our family our bond”.

“The bitch in seminar, Sophia, and our dear Denise here who can’t even keep her own tongue.” Whispered Jack while pointing his knife to Denise.

“Denise… are you alright!? DENISE!” shouted Mary.

“I’m pretty sure she is just asleep or… DENISE!? My wife called you… why!? Cat got your tongue? Teheheheee” said and giggled Jack.

“You see dear nothing can justify someone is welcomed in this world, even a pregnant innocent woman from low class in Florida could brought a monster like me. Here I am justifying my love to the very end so that no one could ever mess with our family harmony. Yet everyone accused me for being a murderer!!! Can’t a family man protect his own family and feed his own children!?”

“You… you are not him anymore, you are not Jack Kelly that I knew… You are merely another Jack the Ripper… a murderer for fun for sport… a psychopathic and lunatic bastard fancied himself for a family man!! I refuse… I refuse to accept that you exists… No… I hope you never ever exists… I can’t have this anymore” cried Mary and ran away towards her car.

“Don’t run, sweetheart, please… please… we could start fresh again and adopt a…” whispered Jack and murmuring by himself.

Gaining a flash of his humanity Jack know it is futile to further prolonged his misery, he says farewell to the cruel world and his dear misery.

“Then what is my existence for if not for you dear? Why should I exists then?”

“I think it’s time to say goodbye to my misery, remorse, regret, lust,… but not to my love… just to my cruel… cruel… world that made like an unwelcomed light in a bleak of darkness…”

“Embrace me my children… embrace your pure father… a father without a sin of a father… embrace me my children for I am coming to your mother… mother world” cried Jack while plunging his body to the pool of Mary’s Father alligators. Bitten, scraped, peeled, crushed, ripped, as if his body plunged into hell itself, then he found peace… a peaceful welcome in somewhere… somewhere we called death.

Woman Found Dead in Everglades National Park

-New York Times

April 10th, 1989

A woman officer of Everglades County found dead in the river banks and swamps of Everglades National Park along with her car. Motives and causes of the homicide remain unknown. Police of Everglades still investigating the case and suspects the homicide had a connection with the serial killer across Florida and Southern Florida. Further development will be announced on a press conference in Everglades Police County, said Sgt. O’Neil of Everglade’s Police.

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