Trs: Fictional Short Story


Summary: There were two young man in palestine named Gifari and Maher who wanted to escape from wars and lived their life in the US. They had succesful worldly life there, getting what they wanted. They had their heavens, while a man named Saleem was very active fighting againts the israeli for his home land and faith until he died in a war. He got his heaven.

Two heavens

Here and there the war was in an uproar, the bomb sounds were heard. At the moment the hell had been created in the world. Before the doomsday, the hell had already come along in advance.
The sounds of the footsteps moving further away from the bombs sought for protection, breathing with difficulty and crammed with wounds. The refuge tents had been waiting for the two young men. Algifari and Maher had just missed their chances to pick up the heaven. They had been well-qualified for having the requirements to take part in that matter, only they feared demise.
Being refugees gave a big opportunity to them. “Tonight it seems that we will not be attacked by the bombing,” Gifari said, gazing at the sky, accompanied by the bombing sounds. They remembered their relatives who had passed away. “Lets go there, Far. There’s an American plane sharing foods with the refugees, “Maher said. Reaching at the plane stairs they both looked at each other.
“I want to ride in on this plane to go from this place. It seems that America is a good place for us to go on our life,”said Gifari. Maher set his eyes on the American plane while thinking. He went around the plane to take a look, endeavoring to determine how many passengers the plane could bring and who was a person in charge with whom they could cooperate so us to take them to America. Algifari and Maher walked vividly back to the tents, having their breads and fast food with them in their hands. With gleaming and hopeful faces, they had imagined how beautiful their life would be in America.
At 7 o’clock, the sun addressed them, making Maher awake from his slumber. He went to the bathroom and back to the bed, seeing Gifari was still asleep. “Hey get up! The sun has risen. Let’s go to the Americans and persued them to permit us to join with them to their country.”
Bismillahirahmanirrahiim, fa biayialaa irobbikuma tukatzibaan….. They were startled hearing the recitation of the verses of the Koran from the radio. It was quiet.
There were laughters and jokes bursting out from one room in which papa, mama,and two young boys and girls, three of whom wearing turbans and two wearing scarves, carried mushafs on their laps. The habits of the family were to perform Magreb prayer together, then recite the Koran and listen to the preaches delivered by the father.We were enthusiastic listening to them.Both of the little sisters got very joyful and fond of asking questions that made us in stitches.
At 3 a.m. in the early morning, all of the family members performed Tahajjud prayer, except two little sisters of us, then they recited and memorized the Koran. Allaahuakbar Allaahuakbar…. The voice of the people doing Athan had been shouted from the minaret. My father and I went to the mosque soon. Solemnly, we performed Subh prayer together then continued to listen to a religious sermon from Ustadh until the break of dawn.
That was a routine at my village every subh they both had the same feeling about their sweet memories with their families with all of their islamic culture.
The tents begain to be crowded. The people started their activities. Algifari and Maher agreed to keep it in their memories only, they had determined to go to the US as they planned in advance.
“ Let’s reach at them, the Americans, and persuade them to grant us the chance to life in their country,” Gifari said. An American soldier giving subsidies to the refugees looked at them. Maher came up to him,“Sir, I’d like to ask you something,”uttered Maher. He said,”may we join with you Sir?
“What? You want to follow me? to my country?” asked the American man.
“Yes, that’s right Sir, we would like to life in your country,” answered Maher.
“Don’t you want to struggle for your country like your brothers here?”
“We want to go out of this hurly-burly of war and chaos. We know that your country is free and peaceful.”
At length, they took a ride at one of the American airplanes. Maher and Gifari lifed their beautiful life there. They lived in a family having a sympathy toward their stories in Palestine. They were cared for and brought up with full affection like their own children.
Maher and Gifari achive their success in the US. What is more, they belonged to the dilligent and intelligent ones. The time drew on. Now they were directors of noted American companies.
One day, while Maher was busy in dealing with his job, the phone rang. It was Gifari.
“Hi, man are you busy tonight? How about refreshing our minds for a while?” asked Gifari.
“That’s what I like, guy!” said Maher happily.
The night came. They went to a subscribed bar near San Fransisco. After they reached there, Maher ordered eight bottles of wine. The disco music filled every part of the room, making all the people in that place want to dance crazily. The dim lamp that was flickering on and off added to the merry of the the party.
Maher was just silent, sipping wine,while Gifari enjoyed dancing with pretty women. After they felt satisfied, they came up two beautifull girls. In the long run, they agreed to book the two pretty and sexy girls. They took them to their appartments. Then they did what they liked as men for their desire.
At the meanwihle the war was still bursting out in a rage and it seemed that it would never come to an end in Palestine. The mujahids or Islamic warriors kept fighting for the sake of maintaining their homeland and faith. A man named Saleem was preparing himself to go to a war after doing subh prayer. Allahukabar was heard from a Hamas leader. He prepared his gun and all of his outfits, praying full of faith and impassioned hopes in his heart to free Palestine. He hoped that the sun would shine again in Palestine in that he knew the civilization rose from the East, not from the West. When the sun rose from the West, the world would get destructed. Then he went to fight along with their friends.
In the war, Saleem fought with all of his power. The bombing sound echoed in the heavens of Palestine. The bullets moved so wildly from the two parties. Saleem looked very active in offending the Israeli army trying to him in a nimble way. Two bullets had in fact pierced on his arms. The Israeli army directed their guns at Saleem. All of sudden, a bomb was launched and dropped right behind him and exploded, tearing his body apart. He perished at ones.

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Word count: 1126 words

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