Unidentified Woman

Name: Nevy Rizka A


misunderstanding in the home life is very common. But not all the things that we suspected were true. We cannot judge our spouse just because we annoyed them. In this story, we can conclude that severely tested the loyalty of a husband. Although his wife suspected him, he remained calm and still pays attention to his wife. He did not avenge his wife’s suspicions. And true fact that his wife is just misunderstood. However it should be, a husband does not cover up anything to his wife.

Full story:

I’m Jessy, I’m 32 years old, I have one daughter named Sinar who was 7 years old, Jim is my husband. We were married nine years ago. Jim’s a good man, responsible, affectionate family, he never even yelled at me. Many people say that our family is harmonious and full of happiness. I feel what other people say, as long as we get married, Jim never indifferent to me, he always treated the same as when we are going out first

Today it’s time for me to accompany my daughter to school. Incidentally location of the school with a home far enough, so I had to deliver early. As usual before my husband and my daughter left the house, I had to prepare breakfast for them. Because I think, a healthy breakfast was done at home.

“my husband, breakfast was ready come here we have breakfast together”
“Yes mother, soon I finished. Do not forget my favorite milk mom “said Sinar.
“Let’s go to school”

Not as usual, today is very crowded at all, we are stuck in traffic. Time of only ten minutes, my daughter panicked because he was afraid to come too late. He pulled my sleeve and told me to signal the other car to move.
“Let mom, sound the horn! I’ll be late, if i late, my teacher could scold “she cried
“I cannot do anything darl”

Finally Sinar should come late. I went back home to do other things. I realized that 10 hours will be held a social gathering at Citra’s home. She is my best friend. Housing is indeed very large, but what I feel is only silence every day because homeowners rarely to go out and mingle with others. They chose to spend his time in the house.

After arriving home, I rushed to attend the gathering; I choose to walk to her house because her house is very close. Yet had time to say hello, my friend has been up to me and she hug me, it feels like not met many years. Yes indeed we do not see even though we live next door. Understandably she was a career woman who very rarely has time at home. Imagery is his nickname. She is not married, she only stayed with her mother and two of his assistants. When we’re cool talking, suddenly the image of clasped hands and said “Jes, I want to say and ask you something”. “What is it, what would you ask?”

” if your relationship with your husband okay?”
“As you know, I’m always happy with her life Cit, what’s going on?”
“Two days ago, I saw your husband with a woman in café around Braga Street”
“Maybe she co-worker of my husband, I would not conclude something that has not really happened. How do the characteristics that woman? “I asked in the image.
“She has long hair, wearing a red shirt with a skirt above the knee, she has a white face, he seemed to age under your old Jes.”

“Thanks for the information, I will investigate and find out the truth about the woman “.

Upon arriving home, I saw my husband lying on the front seat. Looks like he called someone, but when I approached, suddenly my husband away from me. His attitude as there is closed up. When I asked him, he always turned the conversation as if I did not need to know his conversation earlier. I’m increasingly suspicious of my husband’s attitude.

A week later I intend to spy on my husband. I asked my best friend to work with me and plan something. Citra told me to come to a café in the Braga area because he often saw my husband was in the café. We chose to sit in the corner so if my husband comes, he will not see me. The café atmosphere is quite crowded so we felt safe.

Almost one hour we waited for my husband, but he did not come. We intend to leave the place but suddenly a man and woman entered into a café and it is true that’s my husband. He was with a woman. My face turned into pink reddish, my heart felt sick. All was clear that he had betrayed my love. I just harbored resentment because I was not able to vent my anger to someone I love. After a few minutes I calmed down, I ventured over to where my husband to sit with the woman. I gently touched my husband’s shoulder and said “dear, who she is? Why did you hide all of this to me? Try to explain darling “. Instantly my husband wiped tears fall from my cheeks, he chuckled and said “do you remember this woman?” Of course I do not remember who he is because I felt the first time to see her. He explained that this woman is his distant cousin, he worked abroad so I never met him but I remember something, I remember that he ever came to our wedding ceremony nine years ago and I did not know her now. He lived in one apartment in Sudirman. He asked my husband to find him a job because he decided to stay in Bandung. Now my heart is very relieved because my husband which I suspected was having an affair, it’s just my negative thoughts, I’m very familiar with my husband and I believe he will not do anything like that.


word count:

912 words

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